How To Grow Eyebrows Back Fast Naturally


eyebrow makeupThe appearance and growth of the eyebrows, in general, is benefited by inheritance or genetics, but can also be affected by aging, a medical problem or even abuse. Although many of us do not have it in mind, having eyebrows in good condition goes beyond physical appearance, eyebrows, as well as eyelashes, have a function to protect the eyes either from dust, sweat, solar radiation or other environmental factors.


According to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, the growth phase of the eyebrows lasts about a month because of this we do not see that they grow more than two centimeters, unlike the hair that its growth phase can last several years.

Another difference is that the hair follicles are different in various parts of the body. In the scalp, the follicles in the growth phase are around 85%, and in the eyebrows, it is 15%. The follicles that are in the growth phase tend to be more sensitive. Therefore they are more susceptible to infections, diseases or toxicity.

Natural Ways TO Stimulate Growth Of The Eyebrows


Taking proper nutrition is essential, not only for the growth of the eyebrows, but also for the growth of the hair and the appearance of the skin, and in general to maintain good health. Some foods help stimulate growth like nuts that are rich in omega 3, carrots, tuna, beans, mangoes, salmon, eggs, oats, spinach, avocado or avocado, cabbage or Curly cabbage, lean meat. Foods that provide quality protein, B vitamins, nutrients such as iron and zinc needs to be consumed.


Jojoba oil is especially useful for hair repair; it is also widely used in skin and hair. It is excellent for stimulating growth, restoring life to the eyebrows and making them grow faster, stronger and brighter. It can be applied every night by giving a short message with the tips of your fingers and letting it work all ni

OLIVE OILolive-oil

It is an oil rich in vitamin E which helps promote the health of hair and skin. You can heat a spoonful and after it cools to give a message on the eyebrows for five minutes. Leave on for thirty minutes or overnight, remove the next day with cold water and, if desired, with a mild, neutral soap or cleansing gel.


It is used for many years to stimulate hair growth, is rich in proteins, vitamins and fatty acids ideal for encouraging the growth of the eyebrows. Also, it is good to fight the bacteria that infect the hair follicles and do not let the eyebrows grow. Apply also massaging with the fingertips for five minutes and leave for half an hour or all night. Remove with soap and water or mild, neutral cleanser.


A study showed the amazing properties of the onion to grow hair, several patients with alopecia areata saw a very favorable hair growth after a month of its application. The onion is rich in sulfur that contributes to the production of collagen tissues essential for hair growth. Its juice causes the eyebrows to grow thicker.

Only one onion should be cut and grated or spiked to obtain its juice; it is recommended to be careful when applying it since being very spicy should not fall on the eyes. Let it work all night and remove with cold water and a mild cleanser to remove any odor that may remain.

ALOE VERAAloe_vera_gel

There are many benefits of aloe vera; it is recognized to treat skin and hair problems. It is used to stimulate hair growth by its enzymes and nutrients. The transparent gel should be used, it is only applied to the eyebrows and left to act for half an hour, remove the water with plenty of water. It can be done twice a week.


The yolk contains many nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. It is a great alternative to help stimulate hair growth; many people use it to strengthen their hair and to give extra help in their growth. Only one egg yolk is needed, beat it well and apply on the eyebrows for 15 minutes twice a week, then wash with cold water to remove.


Make a short and gentle massage every day during the bath to stimulate blood flow. This causes the circulation in the area to increase so that the hair of the eyebrows can grow faster.


Although many believe that plucking their eyebrows makes them grow faster and stronger, the truth is that it may be the opposite. Epilating them more than necessary or inappropriately can damage the hair follicle causing them not to grow more or make it weaker and thinner.

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