How To Have More Confidence In Yourself


confident women with curly hairDo you want to become self-confident? Adhering to these rules and you do not recognize yourself.Stick to these simple rules and you will not recognize yourself!

Your confidence will come from the rays, and others will reach out to you!

Since weak people are always drawn to the strong!

So, let’s get started!

1. Be yourself

The very first thing you need to stop once and for all compare yourself with other people!

You are an individual, you are a person – and such as you are no more and will not be on this planet!

Be yourself, finally!

If you play the game “Comparisons” – you very often will be a loser, as there will always be those people who will be better than you, who will be ahead!

In human psychology, one simple truth is laid – no man compares himself to the one who is worse than him!

Always remain yourself and poke your confidence only in your abilities!

2. Always live your life!

Self-confidence is first and foremost a belief in oneself!

Understand when you live someone else’s life, while following other people’s ideas and ideals – you can never feel and know yourself completely, you can not respect yourself!

Never wait for some kind of approval from others – always do what will work for you, that you think is necessary!

3. Your confidence lies in communicating with positive people!

From the ages it is known that first and foremost, a confident person loves and respects himself, and distributes the same love to those around him, which in turn is a powerful support for them!

Always try to communicate with optimistic, positive, and strong people!

Remember – those people who sow negative around themselves – always pull you to the bottom with them!

Negative and pessimistic will always suppress your desires, impulse, aspirations, it will kill all your ideas!

And you yourself, without being aware of it, gradually turn into the same loser !

4. Stop criticizing yourself!

Always remember – any of your thoughts materialize!

A lot of people have an unfortunate habit of blaming themselves!

For example, you once said such phrases: “Bad things always happen to me only”, “It could only happen to me,” “I always draw trouble,” “I’m always late,” and so on.

These phrases help to create negative perceptions of oneself!

Never say such words again, do you hear?

Never think negatively about yourself!

Do not throw criticism at your side – it will ruin you!

5.Count your everyday achievements!

Dear ones, do not be lazy to get yourself a calendar of your everyday victories!

For example:

“Today I learnt something new” , or” At last I was not too lazy at the morning and ran, before work, I’m done! “Or” I learned 6 English words today , it’s so cool, “and and so forth.

Let your diary always be at your fingertips so you can look through your achievements – which will always keep you on your toes and will add strength to you! 🙂

6. Believe You will handle every problem

Confidence will come only to that person who will not pass everything through himself, but it will be easier to treat different situations!

Let’s think …

They like to screw themselves up to such an extent that sometimes it becomes even funny!

Very often your problem may not be as big and complex as you imagine it!

Just your constant thinking of it brings it to the size of the Apocalypse.

If you, for example, can not fall asleep from what you thought that you made a bad impression on your boss in some situation – take it and wave it on your hand, forget it – it will be better for you!

From the fact that you are experiencing and torturing yourself – it will NEVER be better!

Love yourself!

self-confidence – to all situations, try to be more simple!

Make yourself a rest, and finally say: “Enough of me! At me all is WONDERFUL, better does not happen! ”

7. Renounce focus on the past!

Never waste your energy, your precious time for thinking about past deeds! If past mistakes do come up, admit you have been jack ass and say to yourself at least now you now what not to do.

Everything is already there, behind.

Such thoughts will prevent you from tearing forward to your goal!

All people and always make mistakes – there are no ideal people!

It is better to throw your strength into thinking about your achievements, about your small victories.

Be able to forgive yourself and go on to your happiness, and to your confidence !

8. Listen to yourself and you will gain self-confidence!

A lot of unpleasant and negative situations appear in our lives from the fact that we can not always understand what we really need!

Think about it, but suddenly you have already achieved what you wanted, but continue to blindly go forward, slipping past your dream?

And she was so close … 99.9% of people always feel insecure, live with her every day, realizing that they can not achieve … but what you can not achieve, eh?

Answer yourself to this question!

Initially, you need to understand yourself, what do you really need in order to be on top?

9. Immerse yourself in what you love!

Agree, it is very difficult to feel a happy person, if all your days are spent on hateful work, and everything swims along the same current, equally!

But when you are doing your favorite thing – especially if your eyes are burning because you are good at it – then you have half found yourself !

If you still do not want to give up your work, then at least give your free time to your favorite occupation and who knows – maybe it will bring you a huge success in the future!

10. Practice ability to speak firmly and confidently!

Remember, words always have powerful power!

The character of a person can immediately be determined from his words!

Never drop your words to the wind!

Do not answer anyone sharply, speak intelligently, calmly and confidently – and people will start treating you differently!

11. Always try to write a list of their positive qualities

Everybody has a positive thing about them, try to find that out and you’l soon realize what qualities you have in common.

Sincerity, honesty, kindness, responsiveness , punctuality etc…

Often look at your list, know how to focus on your positive qualities – and your Confidence will come to you !

12. Find out & Work on Your Weaknesses

How to do it?

Do not scold yourself for any shortcomings! instead try to get rid of some of them. But remember knowing your weakness will at least make you aware of what choices you need to make.

There are drawbacks for every person and even pohlesche your!

It will be much easier for you to get rid of your weaknesses if you try to optimize them to the maximum!

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