How To Hide My Grey Hair Naturally At Home


Gray hair – this does not mean that you are already old. Discovering her gray hair, many women immediately begin to panic and beat the alarm about premature old age. This is not at all correct since the process of “discoloration” of hair is quite natural. Some women are humbled with gray hair and do not paint over them, turning their hair color into a fashionable livery. And some people are uncomfortable to see gray hairs, so we’ll tell you by what methods you can hide them.


Vegetable Dyes against Graying

Natural henna and basma are wonderful helpers, how quickly and efficiently to hide the gray hair. Of course, the color palette of these components is not rich, but the hair will be healthy, thick and silky without a single gray hair. Rinse the hair with decoctions. Ideally, the oak bark, clover flowers, ginseng roots, nettles, burdock, and lungworts will do. Brew from the above infusion and add to shampoo or each time rinse hair after washing.

Use Toning Powder

If you are going to some event and noticed that you have a couple of gray hair, the express method of how to get rid of gray hair, toner powder will perfectly serve. It literally transforms your hair in a couple of seconds. The disadvantage of this powder is that it is temporary, and after the first wash you will notice the gray hairs again.

Try lotions containing stem cells

It is this product that can not only hide the gray hair but also restore the hair. Use a lotion with the content of stem cells you need a course for ten days, and you will forget about the gray hair for a long time.

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