How To Overcome Shyness : 5 Tips


womenOn how to overcome shyness – the 5 most effective methods that will save you from this shortcoming once and for all!

It’s hard to find someone who has never felt embarrassed.

If this happened as a result of a awkward situation and happened to you just a few times in your life, then you have no problems.

But people who pour paint and are embarrassed about and without reason should think about how to overcome shyness.

In their case, one has to deal not with a cute character trait, but with a real flaw that significantly complicates life.

I’m still ready to agree that modesty is not a flaw (for example, for a girl without ambition), but shyness in our time is big handicap, which you need to get rid of, otherwise it will drag you to the bottom and will not allow you to achieve many things.

How to overcome shyness and what contributes to it?

Shyness is a character trait that is formed under the influence of several factors:

  • natural inclination;
  • upbringing;
  • environment;
  • life circumstances and other things.

It often happens that a person who did not suffer from excessive shyness in childhood and was quite sociable, because of improper parenting, acquires insecurity in himself and his powers – he later has to think how to overcome shyness.

Children who are allowed to all and who completely do not understand the words “can not”, “no” – are terrible, but the child who is constantly being pulled and brought up in a vacuum is also bad.

Do not prevent the child from knowing this world and acquiring new acquaintances, ensure its safety and make sure that it does not create too much discomfort for others.

Find a middle ground, and then your adult child will not have to think about how to overcome shyness.

Often, the appearance of uncertainty and shyness is affected by the environment.

If the girl is constantly told that she is ugly, and the boy that he is a loser, then sooner or later they will believe in it and try to stay in the shadow of others, attracting less attention to themselves, so as not to run into ridicule.

Naturally gradually they will become accustomed to being shy of themselves and to overcome it in adulthood will be difficult enough.

1. To overcome shyness, communicate as much as possible with strangers

One of the most common situations in which the shyness comes out is the need to communicate with strangers.

With friends and close relatives, you feel completely relaxed, but as soon as you find yourself in the company of strangers, then immediately turn into a shy slaughtered mouse, which mostly wants to huddle in a corner.

If you think how to overcome shyness, then you must face your fears.

Shyness in a society of unfamiliar people can be overcome if you are yourself, without recruiting a support team:

  • to attend parties;
  • dine and dinner in catering establishments;
  • to go to the cinema;
  • travel;
  • Deal with issues in the housing and communal services, passport offices, etc.

2. Daring acts will help overcome shyness

Think about what kind of actions you would never have been able to make up your mind, because you instantly flushed with the paint of embarrassment, and begin to act.

Daring acts can really overcome shyness:

  • Visit a casting of a TV show.
  • Speak publicly with a song, dance, speech – manifest any of your talents.
  • Participate in the beauty contest – yes, in fact, any public competition will do.
  • Put on a radical mini (for girls) or a shirt of some unreal coloring (for guys) and go for a walk.
  • Go to a fetish party.
  • Sign up for a charity that often holds public promotions.
  • Invite the guy/girl you want on a date.

Doing a daring act to overcome shyness, remember your own safety and the legitimacy of what you are doing.

Do not bend the stick, otherwise you risk serious trouble.

3. Self-confident people do not need to think about how to overcome shyness

Most often from shyness suffer people who have overgrown the complexes from head to toe.

To stop being embarrassed about and without, you need to become a confident person.

In this case, it is not always possible to overcome shyness without psychological support, but you can try:

  • Grind your figure away from fat folds and cellulite.
  • Make a beautiful haircut and dye your hair.
  • Learn to correctly use makeup.
  • Change the wardrobe.
  • Achieve success in your profession.
  • To start to earn well.
  • Fall in love – the arranged personal life adds much confidence.

As soon as you can overcome all your teenage complexes, as soon as you believe in your own uniqueness and irresistibility, there will be no trace of shyness.

The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to turn into an arrogant bitch or arrogant asshole.

4. Find a friend who does not know what shyness is

Here you are when you watch a movie in which a cool main character or heroine acts, you involuntarily imagine yourself in his / her place, right?

And imagine, if you in real life you had a movie-like character friend or girlfriend.

You would have something to learn from him.

In addition, such a person next to constantly would pull you out of his own range of comfort, which very well helps to overcome shyness.

I remember two of my classmates – the best girlfriends, so it was hard to find any more unlike people in school.

Imagine together a girl-fire, ready for any crazy act, and a quiet mouse that is afraid and shy of everything.

The girls began to be friends in the 5th grade, when, at the behest of the teacher, they found themselves at one desk.

A few years later we all began to notice that the mouse stopped being so shy and gained confidence, and the “fire” became much calmer, improved its estimates and ceased to behave so provocatively.

5. The right profession will help overcome shyness

People try to choose a profession suitable for them not only in terms of their abilities but also in their psychotype.

Shy people try to go to work where there is no need to take responsibility, show character and communicate with strangers.

But, sitting all my life in a warehouse surrounded by boxes of products or vegetating in some small office, which is not clear what you are doing, you will not only not be able to get rid of shyness, but you will never achieve success.

It is necessary to immediately change work.

To overcome shyness will help such professions:

  • Journalist;
  • Guide;
  • Leading;
  • Politician;
  • Public activist;
  • Artist;
  • Accounts Manager;
  • Coach ;
  • Advertising/sales agent, etc.

That is, you need a profession that requires publicity and frequent communication with strangers.

At first it will be difficult, but gradually you will be drawn in and can overcome the shyness.

I have an example when a shy non-communicable youth for three years, after changing the profession from a laboratory employee to a photojournalist, became a completely different person.

I am confident that you will choose the best way for yourself, thanks to which you will understand how to overcome shyness.

You do not need this suitcase without a handle in modern life.

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