How To Raise Your Boy Correctly


Mother & ChildIt is generally accepted that a man (husband, grandfather, brother) plays a key role in the upbringing of the boy . But if you look at the truth in your eyes, it is the mother-child relationship that is the strongest in the world. Mom is the first woman he sees in his life. It is she who, until a certain period, spends the most time with him and influences how your boy will grow up and how he will treat others.

The main thing in the upbringing of the child is not to strangle his personality, which is very often done by women in an effort to be an ideal mother. The editorial “So Easy!” Will tell you about 6 things that you should not do in your son’s upbringing, so that he grows up to be a confident man with respect to his mother and other women. Of course, every mother herself knows how to raise a boy, but there are common mistakes that should not be done.

1.Decide for him

Moms, of course, are interested in what their sons like. But they like to make decisions for them: “Still small” , “Does not understand anything” , “Will grow – it will be grateful” . And then he does not know what to do, and runs after advice for every little thing.
Always consult your son in important matters for him. Be interested in his opinion, even when you choose things for him or plan a family vacation. Teach your baby to make decisions and always discuss all possible consequences.

2.Excessive fear

Many mothers protect their sons from anything that seems cruel or dangerous to them. But if the boy wants, he should go to boxing or karate, ride a bike. And if he gives someone a change, it does not mean that he is bad. And playing football, he can beat his knees or dislocate his leg. But this is what is interesting to him. He’s a boy.
It is likely that the skills obtained in various sections, it will not be useful in the future, but now it is necessary to maintain its interest. In addition, various activities temper his spirit and promote a good form.

3.Laughing at the son

Children are very funny and their behavior really makes us laugh. But you need to do this carefully, so that your son does not think that you are laughing at him. If you see that your laughter somehow embarrassed him, be sure to explain to him that you are laughing at a joke or action, and do not mock him.

And also do not forget to tell him that you are proud of him, that his jokes make you happy.

4.Kissing in the lips

With the help of kisses, we express our tenderness and love. But remember: kissing the boy on the lips is a taboo. This is an intimate action that does not apply to the child. Embrace your blood, kiss on the cheeks or forehead, and most importantly – say every day that you love him and he is the best that is in your life.

5.Do not dress in front of your son

Even if your son is 1 year old, do not dress up in front of him. After all, the psyche is formed up to 3 years. If the mother calmly disguises herself or undresses before the grown up son (not necessarily up to the goal), then there is a possibility that he will not take seriously the female body. Or will joke over the girls.

6.Do not humiliate him

All nerves sometimes give up, but you need to carefully choose words for reading morals. And if you said something that you regret, be sure to talk with your son and explain to him that you got excited. And remember: never discuss the failure of the son with his girlfriends and do not talk about them for edification to other children. Your son will simply lose trust in you and people. And also he can close in himself, being afraid of condemnation from the side.

Children are a great happiness. No one can give specific guidelines and recommendations on how to properly educate them . The main thing is to show your love and allow the child to do what he wants, rather than trying to grow his own copy, suppressing all his ambitions. Talk with his son from the earliest years, so as not to miss something important.

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