How To Reconcile A Relationship


Surely you have ever heard that the best part of a discussion with your partner is reconciliation, but the truth is that it is not always easy to reach this point of forgiveness, agreement and recover the trust and well-being of the couple. The reasons for a fight in a relationship can be of great variety and of different severity, but not only that affects the possibilities of reconciliation, but it will also influence the personality of each one, everything lived until then together and mutual love.relationship hands in hand

How to reconcile with my partner after an argument

The arguments and fights can be more or less frequent in a couple, but what is clear is that they do not like anyone and leave with bad feelings hurting the relationship. The reasons why you begin to discuss or fight in a relationship can be the most varied, and may even start with nonsense and ends talking about feelings that were saved and the discussion worse at times.

The truth is that when such a situation begins, it is best to stop in time to relax the environment and, once the heads and emotions become more cool or calm, then speak respectfully and as calmly as possible. the situation.

If things have reached the point of ending an important discussion or even fight hard and take hours or even days without speaking, you surely want to know how you can face the situation to solve it. Follow these tips if you wonder how to reconcile with my boyfriend or girlfriend after a strong fight or argument ?

  1. Close the discussion: make sure you both have decided to close the discussion before going to look for ways to forgive or move forward, because this step is vital to ensure that neither of you will return to the subject in way of fight or discussion, but you decide to go ahead and discuss the issue in quieter conversations to find a solution together. Once you are both willing to do so, you can move forward, otherwise you will easily argue again.
  2. Approach: something also very important is that to start talking instead of shouting and fighting you get closer, because in this way you can talk more calmly and it is much easier to give way to hugs, caresses and kisses and sincere reconciliation.
  3. Body language: keep in mind that your body language is open, calm, willing and affectionate. Also, pay attention to the body language of your partner, because that way you will really know if you are improving the relationship and reconciling or if there is something that is slowing down the progress in your communication and you have to take some step back and then be able to improve.
  4. Ask for forgiveness and accept the apology: come the moment, it is very important that you ask forgiveness to your partner sincerely for the part of guilt that you have in the discussion, assume the part that corresponds to you. It is also just as important that you accept your part of the blame, because the arguments are usually because of a problem of two, I ask for your forgiveness and that you accept it for real. Especially if the discussion has been about something of little importance, what is more important love or pride?
  5. Talk about the immediate future: in order to reconcile with your partner successfully, at this point it is important that you think about a future together, but it is best to start slowly and think and talk about the nearest future. You can stay for dinner one day this week, go to the movies or even, make a romantic getaway at the weekend, everything will depend on how you feel at each moment.
  6. Celebrate reconciliation: last, but not least, when you have truly reconciled and you feel like a couple with a future and you are happy to have achieved it, do not forget to celebrate it! Reconciliation in bed and day to day, without a doubt, is the perfect way to end this time of discussion and reconciliation process.

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