How To Stop Blushing Without Any Reason


woman blushingLet’s first understand the reasons why some people (and there are many!) Blush very often. There are three of them: natural predisposition, health problems and weak nervous system.

So, some of us have blood vessels located very close to the skin. When you are scared, fun, when you are embarrassed or nervous, the blood circulation is gaining a lot of speed – and as a result of this you blush. If this is your case, alas, there is nothing to be done about it, except to … stop worrying about it. When you are in a noisy company, where everyone is having fun, believe me, the ruddy cheeks will not only be yours, and hardly anyone will pay attention to it, unless you begin to behave unnaturally when you are frustrated. In all other cases, you just need to stop being embarrassed, afraid and be insecure. Look people in the eyes, know that you are beautiful and no minor trouble can not spoil you. To do this, use self-tanning or foundation cream: so the redness of the skin will be seen less,

However, be careful: frequent reddening of the face can indicate problems with the heart, blood vessels and blood pressure. Particularly predisposed to these problems are people who are overweight. If you blush with tilts, jumps and any minimal mobility, as well as from a slight increase in temperature in the room – it is necessary to undergo examination at the cardiologist.

A weak nervous system is also a frequent cause of redness in young people. This does not mean that you suffer from any mental illness or deviation. Simply due to some kind of looseness of the nervous system, you react too sharply to things that are not strong irritants. For example, blush and nervous, answering the exam – this is the norm, but blush and nervous, when the teacher told you to wipe from the board or give the group textbooks – this is a stress that should not be provoked. If, when you blush, you also sweat and become cold in the palm of your hand, and your heart rate increases – your nervous system needs some help. Start with relaxing procedures: meditation, massage, swimming; perhaps the best you relax when you just listen to music while lying on the couch, or read … Choose a lesson that will relax you and help you escape from everyday problems. Light soothing too will not prevent: herbal tea, valerian, ginseng – all this is useful for your health. Often breathe fresh air and try to get enough sleep. And, of course, less worry – then your problem will go away!

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