How To Stop Heartburn & Acid Reflux Naturally


Heartburn is something we all have experienced especially after heavy food or spicy food. Sometimes it causes a lot of discomforts and even vomiting.It is especially a problem when it becomes chronic. Let us understand why it happens and how to stop heartburn and acid reflux.heartburn

Heartburn is a phenomenon caused when there is the return of the gastric juice to the esophagus. The body has a valve between the esophagus and the stomach, which opens for food to pass through and then closes again. It turns out that in some situations, this valve stops working well, causing this return of gastric juice, which because it is acid, irritates the esophagus.

The pain occurs in the chest region and can radiate to the chest, throat, and neck. Heartburn can even be mistaken for an attack on the heart, such as a heart attack.

Causes and Risk Factors

  • Normally it happens when certain foods are ingested, or for some excess food that the digestive system is unable to cope with ease. It may also cause if you take too many foods that are warm in nature.
  • It may also happen in case valve gets loosen due to a pressure in the stomach caused by overweight, pregnancy, constipation.
  • A hiatal hernia is also a reason for chronic heartburn that gets triggered with each meal. Some medicines can also cause burning in the stomach
  • Alcohol and Cigeret are well known burning sensation causing things.Smoking and drinking alcohol depreciates the activities of the stomach and esophagus.
  • Sometimes chest burning is caused due to empty stomach also.

How To Stop Heartburn/ Acid Reflux

The main recommendation for anyone who wants to avoid heartburn is to change eating habits. It is already known that certain foods cause the valve to loosen and can cause chest burning. These include Spicy, fried foods, fatty foods, junk foods and vegetables such as Capsicum, round melon, and broccoli.

In addition, it is important to eat every three hours because when the stomach spends a lot of time without receiving food, it tends to produce more gastric juice and this juice can come back.

It is also essential to avoid post-meal exercises as well as lying down immediately after eating as both can do reflux, which is the return of the gastric juice to the esophagus.

Avoiding overeating is also an essential recommendation.

Some foods may be used as a natural home remedy for heartburn . Let’s look at 10 ways to resolve or lessen the problem and, if the symptoms persist, do not hesitate to seek a doctor.


The quickest way to relieve heartburn is to intake a half cup of ice cold buttermilk. Taking buttermilk daily after milk is an excellent home remedy for burning sensation because it can help correct acid reflux problems.

2.Eat an apple or a Banana

Apples and bananas are fruits rich in natural antacids. Choose one of two fruits and eat at least two a day. It is important that if you choose the banana, that it is very mature. In technical terms, the more mature, the more nutrients.

3.Ginger Tea

Ginger fights irritations and inflammations throughout the body. The ingestion of your tea is enough to eliminate reflux and also relives heartburn. Prepare 2 cups of water and 3 slices of 1 cm each of ginger. Boil the water as soon as it boils add the ginger and let it sit for 30 minutes before drinking.


By being alkalizing agent and full of minerals, mustard is a powerful ally to relieve heartburn quickly. The best way is to consume a teaspoon of yellow mustard of good and organic origin, once a day.

5.Almonds to Relieve Heartburn

Almonds are nutritious and true allies when it comes to relieving heartburn. Just consume about 4 almonds a day , preferably after the meal. It will aid in the processes of the stomach, besides bringing improvements to the organism. They should not be consumed in excess.

6.Maintain a healthy weight

It is important to always be up to date with a healthy diet. Being overweight causes poor bowel processes, causing problems of heartburn and also of the body. Always check your muscle mass index and keep the fat under check.

7.Chamomile tea to relieve heartburn

Chamomile tea is already an old acquaintance of those who opt for natural remedies. Capable of relieving tensions of mind and body, chamomile tea is extremely fast and effective in eliminating heartburn. Use 1 cup of boiling water with a teaspoon of dried chamomile. The chamomile can be boiled for only 45 seconds, then co, wait cool and take a little. At least once a day.

8.Aloe vera juice reduces heartburn

Although it may not sound like a very pleasant juice, aloe vera is an effective plant in the treatment of skin, body and digestive system (persistent digestive system) irritations. Take about 2 leaves of aloe vera and extract your juice until you fill ½ cup. Must be drunk immediately.

9.Apple vinegar

The acid present in apple vinegar is effective in controlling the unregulated acidity of the stomach, showing great results when it comes to relieving heartburn. Add 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to 300 ml of water. Drink before each meal and before bedtime.

10.Head Alleviation

Heartburn tends to be even worse at bedtime. To avoid the discomforts of heartburn at a time that should be resting, be sure to raise the height of your head so that it does not line up with the stomach. This will prevent the reflux that causes heartburn. An important tip is to put books or wooden boxes under the feet of the bed head, causing the head part to be raised. Additional pillows may also help but may get lost overnight, causing the heartburn to return.

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