How to Take Care of Health After 30s


Are you entering or about to enter 30s and worried about your health and how you may look? Here are some health tips that you can keep in mind to look healthy, young and active at this age.

1. Take Care of Eyes

At the age of 30, fine lines emerge near the eyes. Apart from this, Dark Circle is another such problem, which is common at this stage. To avoid this issue, you should include cream or gel in your beauty kit. You will also be able to do eye-to-work exercises.

2. Drink plenty of water

Water is an essential substance whose sufficient consumption is beneficial for you because drinking water will make your stomach clear. It also helps in retaining the brightness of your face.

3.Get rid of wrinkles

At this age of age, wrinkles knock you in your life. So it would be better to get rid of them at the beginning. For which you should use anti-ageing creams that come with SPF, so that you can get rid of these wrinkles.

4. Bring life to change

Along with aging, your lifestyle changes also. Therefore, if you can, bring a little change in your life style which will also be beneficial for your skin.

5. Make Healthy Food

Eat If you want to get beautiful skin even at an increasing age, first of all, add balanced and nutritious food to your diets, along with adequate protein intake is also important for you. Protein helps by preventing skin cells from getting damaged.

6.Daily Exercise is Necessary

Regular exercises keeps your skin healthy and body active. If you maintain regular exercise regime you will look younger than others of your age.

7.Stay away from Stress

If you are looking older than 30, then the cause could be stress. So keep away from stress, take full rest and always try to be happy, so that the effects of aging will affect your skin. Meditation is the best way to build your strength against stress.

8. Take care of Skin at Night

At this age, skin needs the same care during the night , as much as it gets in the day. For this, you should use Night Creams and Facial Oils every day. This will hydrate your skin as well as help in fixing the damaged skin during sleep.

9. Facial serum is also Important

At 30s, there is a decrease in the number of nutrients in the skin. To avoid this, do not forget to use the serum in your daily routine. Apply serum on the face before applying moisturiser. This improves your skin.

10. Requires Manicure, Pedicure, and Facials

Often we only care about the face while the rest of the body such as hands, feet, neck, and ears which come into contact with sunlight every day, gets ignored. The result is that these parts of the body seem older than your age. So massage them with olive oil as well as manicure, pedicure. Whenever you use the anti-aging cream on your face, apply it on the neck and ears too.

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