How To Use Moxibustion For Infertility


Moxibustion-infertilityMoxibustion or monotherapy is a therapeutic technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine, possibly prior to acupuncture.

It is based on the same principles and knowledge of the energy meridians used in acupuncture and is widely used in other traditional Oriental medicine systems such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Tibet, and Mongolia.

Moxibustion is also popularly used in calming menstrual cramps and regulates a woman’s monthly cycle. This is done by stimulating the blood flow to the reproductive organs through the use of heat. It also helps in regulating the release of fertility hormones, which helps in treating infertility. Women who have used moxibustion for the treatment of infertility and had surprising results. You can also do moxibustion yourself.

Moxa Stick – Do It Yourself

The Shell of a moxa stick of the half, leaving the rest of the envelope in its place. Light the moxa stick and blow the flame, leaving the end of smoking and hot.

Lie in a comfortable position. Move your clothes to expose your abdomen.

Keep the moxa stick so that the final smoke points towards your abdomen, about 1/2 inch above your skin. You should feel warm enough to cause perspiration, but there should be no pain. Do not touch the moxa adhere to your abdomen.

Move the moxa stick around your abdomen, from the bottom of the ribs and down to the pubic bone. This will stimulate circulation to your reproductive organs and regulate the release of hormones that support a pregnancy.

Keep moving the moxa stick around your abdomen for about 15 minutes. You can keep a timer nearby in case you need to keep track of the time.
Extinguish the moxa stick touching out of the ash at the end of it, until you no longer see smoke coming out of the end. Keep the rest of the memory for future use.

Tips & Warnings

Do not put a fan in the room while moxibustion is performed. Fresh air can counteract the beneficial effects of the intervention. You need to sweat, so be sure to create an environment for your moxibustion where sweating is possible.

Only perform moxibustion for infertility during the 3 weeks of the month, when you are not in your period. The best time to perform moxibustion for this purpose is during the second week of your menstrual cycle when you would normally be at your most fertile time. The heat of moxibustion has the greatest chance of success in releasing the appropriate hormones at that time.

If the moxibustion becomes very painful or if your skin blisters, stop the procedure immediately. It was probably holding the moxa stick very close to his skin. Wait until the skin has healed, and then try again

This application does not generate any kind of pain and due to the preparation of the herb, there is no risk of any “gray” falling into the client’s skin.

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