Ideal Humidity for Baby Room


At this time of year we have to take special care of the environment of the baby’s room, not only to achieve full comfort and rest for the little one or the little one, but also to avoid problems of this time of the year such as  colds and colds .baby sleeping

Ideal environment of the baby room

Moisture levels are one of the essential aspects of the baby’s room. Both for the thermal sensation and for helping the baby’s breathing, having optimal and controlled levels of temperature is essential.

The lack of moisture can cause problems of dryness in the baby’s skin and, also, respiratory damages such as nasal congestion. In the same way, an excess of humidity in the environment can lead to mite or fungus problems.

In this sense, humidity levels should remain, according to experts, in the range between 40 and 60%.

To measure these levels you should equip with a digital hygrometer , as well as with a humidifier / dehumidifier depending on the characteristics of the child’s room. Be that as it may, it is essential that the room is ventilated well every day.

Temperature of baby’s room

As we showed you recently, there are certain ways to know if our baby is cold or hot. As a general rule, we must establish a more or less constant temperature, to ensure that the conditions of your room are suitable.

Experts determine that the ideal temperature of a baby’s room should move between 21 and 23 degrees, by day, and 18 and 20 degrees at night; You have to keep in mind that, even though the mercury goes down, at night the baby is wrapped in his blankets.

To measure the temperature of the room and, also, to regulate it better, we recommend that you install a digital thermometer.

In this sense, experts insist that the best heating systems for heating and maintaining a comfortable temperature in the baby’s room are those of radiators.

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