16 How To Improve Your Life and Be Happy


Life is full of fuss, worries, days pass unnoticed. We forget that we need to constantly improve mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We forget that every day you need to get better.The question often arises in our mind – how to improve life and be happy?

This does not mean that you are not beautiful now, but constant development is necessary if you want to keep happiness , motivation and peace of mind. We will talk about the 16 rules that are the foundation for self-improvement. Take a small step every day to the best version of yourself.woman with open arms

Enrich the Mind

1. Eat a frog

Not in the literal sense, of course, although this is not excluded. Our regular readers probably already remember this expression. “Eating a frog” means doing something unpleasant. So, do it at the beginning of the day. It’s one thing, be it a hard work or a nasty phone call. Get rid of this case, and it will not be a heavy burden to hang over you until the end of the day.

2. Begin to develop or acquire skills.

Better time than now, will not be, believe me. You do not have to wait for a special day to begin to pull up English  or learn to play the guitar. Want to learn a language – register on the service for self-study, buy an audio course or hire a tutor. Then it will definitely be difficult to retreat. Buy a guitar! Yes, these expenses are justified: this is the way to your dream.

3. Sign a contract with friends

No financial opportunity to enroll in courses or buy a musical instrument? Ask friends for help. Some of them may have a tool gathering dust. In addition, its happy owner can show you a couple of chords. Or your friend can work with you in a foreign language.

By the way, in this case, the benefits will be for both parties. After all, when you explain the material to someone, you yourself begin to understand it better. Maybe your friends will be useful and pleasant to remember about their skills.

4. Read, read, and read again!

Read books of any genre, read avidly. Books expand your consciousness, give an experience that you may not be able to get in real life, they make you think.

Develop the Bodygym-excercise

1. Do some strength exercises daily

In the gym do not spend all the time on a treadmill or elliptical trainer. Do and strength exercises. With dumbbells, barbell or own weight. Start with regular squats.

2. Replace junk food with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Well, yes, it sounds boring. And again, blah blah blah … But this advice does not lose its relevance. Food we can harm or benefit the body. Instead of a package of chips, eat the fruit or vegetable that you like. Should there be such?

3. Try group lessons

Cheerful instructor and like-minded people often motivate very well to classes. Invite a friend to work with you. Perhaps you both lack friendly kicks to regularly attend workouts.

4. Drink water

Still, nothing quenches thirst as perfectly as water. Do not deny yourself a drink when  you feel thirsty . Carry water with you, so as not to buy at exorbitant prices and not be seduced by sweet soda.

Cultivate true happinesswomen waking up

1. Praise others

It’s very cool to make someone happy, especially the one you care about. In addition, happiness is contagious. Express your appreciation to others. People need to know when they are good at something, and you get a charge of good mood.

2. Smile

Seriously! Smiling, you get many benefits. For example, release endorphins that make you happier . Even if you smile through strength, you will begin to feel better. Next time, when you feel negative emotions overwhelm you, take them under control with a smile.

3. Better yet, laugh

Remember how well you feel after laughing out loudly. This is all because of the same endorphins. Set a goal to laugh at least once a day. How? Read something funny or watch a series of your favorite comedy series.

4. Surround yourself with people you are well with.

Think about how you feel when communicating with people who constantly surround you. Are there any among them who exhaust you, who constantly bring negative emotions? Are there those who sabotage your efforts to improve yourself, who are pulling you down ? You cannot be truly happy if you are surrounded by negatively-minded people. Try to spend time with those who encourage your efforts and inspire you. You deserve it.

Grow SpirituallyGirl doing Mindfulness Meditation To Reduce Stress

1. Set goals

We are not talking now about career goals, although they are also important. Start your day with thoughts about how to make yourself or someone else happier, what good can you do today? Set goals for spiritual growth.

2. Be thankful for what you already have

There are always things that we want to get, but we don’t have yet. It is important to go towards your goals, but there is no point in worrying about the fact that you have not yet achieved them. Remember: there is someone who is happy, having less than you. If you are grateful every day for what you have, it will help you to appreciate your life and your choice. At the end of the day, write down what is happening for which you are grateful. Focus on the positive moments in your life and you will grow spiritually.

3. Try yoga

Even if you are still a beginner who hardly performs asanas, you will still like yoga. Yoga is good for cleansing the mind and body awareness. Even the simplest poses give this effect. Start the day with yoga and it will go well.

4. Remember: Everything Goes

In life there are troubles, problems, sad events that completely absorb. It’s hard to swim out and move on. Ask yourself what significance this problem will have for you in a year? And after 5 years, after 10? Not to mention the end of life.

You only have one life! Make an effort and make it better.

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