Interesting Facts About Dreams and What They Mean


It is still not fully understood why we see dreams and whether they mean anything . Perhaps this is just an imprint of what we did in a day, or maybe a message that defines the future. Surely no one knows, but many have interesting speculations. For example, experts believe that depending on the day of the week, sleep has different meanings.dreaming

    1. The meaning of sleep from Sunday to Monday
      Dreams on this night are under the auspices of the moon. Everything that has been dreamed of from Sunday to Monday carries the emotional characteristic of a person. Dreams help determine how busy a person is, upset, or stressed. If the dreams are incomprehensible and strange, then there is a strong load on the psyche.As a rule, these dreams do not come true in real life. Rather, they reflect what excites us. You should not pay special attention to such dreams. Popular signs say that if you saw a familiar person from Sunday to Monday, he is waiting for a meeting with you.

    2. The Meaning of Sleep Monday to Tuesday
      Planet Mars rules Tuesday. Monday through Tuesday night determines a person’s creativity. As a rule, these dreams are vivid and saturated. Such dreams need to be felt, attention should be paid to the message that this dream carries. If it was pleasant, then on Tuesday it is necessary to begin the implementation of new ideas, to actively take up work.If the dream left an unpleasant aftertaste, it is better to transfer important matters to another day. Seeing victory tonight is an omen. Most likely, you will have some kind of personal victory for ten days. Those who dream of you tonight have great respect for you.

    3. The meaning of sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday
      Planets Wednesday – Mercury. Dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday are usually intense and intense. In one night you can see some exciting stories. They can be meaningless and incoherent, and it can be impossible to find what common sense thread in them. These dreams almost never come true.Some parts of dreams that can never be bad can come true. The person who dreams about you tonight is likely thinking of you.


    4. The significance of sleep from Wednesday to Thursday
      Jupiter patronizes Thursday. It is these dreams that are very important and valuable. It is highly likely that these very dreams will bring the long-awaited solution to some problem or answer to an important question. In such a dream, you may have a way to solve a problem that is especially acute in your life.

      If you have any urgent question, try to think about it before going to bed. In the morning, try to concentrate and remember your dream. If someone you know is dreaming of you, most likely, and you attend his dream.

    5. The meaning of sleep from Thursday to Friday
      Venus is the planet of Friday. Dreams from Thursday to Friday are connected with our personal lives and passions. Dreams on this night are considered prophetic, and plots that are destined to come true in the near future can slip into them. What you can remember in the morning can come true. If you dream of something good and pleasant, but you don’t remember, it means that soon you will have great luck.It has long been believed that a person who dreams of this night loves you. Such dreams are best remembered.
    6. The meaning of sleep from Friday to Saturday.

      The planet Saturday is ruled by Saturn. These dreams are not so important, but they can still be reflected in the real world. Events, most likely, will not be embodied as in a dream, but emotions and sensations can be embodied.

      If this night you dreamed something pleasant, then soon you will find a lot of positive events. In such dreams you can see the future not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones. If someone is dreaming, it may mean that he is jealous of you or just really bored.

    7. Dreams from Saturday to Sunday The
      Sun rules Sunday: If you had a dream and remembered it from Saturday to Sunday, it will come true that day. Predicted events depend on the dreamer’s mood. If you had a good dream, it will surely be reflected in life. If something is negative, then this may not manifest itself in life.It is worth being careful and attentive, because those people who dream of you that night, most likely, harbored an insult to you.
Of course, this is not an absolute scheme. After all, it also affects what day of the month or the lunar cycle a dream occurred. However, the observations were made on the basis of many years of experience of esotericists, so it makes sense to listen to them. And what are the most unusual dreams you had?

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