7 Keys To Communicate As A Couple


Communication is, in most cases, the key in a relationship. Show interest towards your partner and their tastes, recognize their feelings and mutual respect are some of the keys that will help you in your relationship.drink water

Good communication in the couple facilitates the resolution of problems in the future. In addition, it helps you as parents to show coherence towards your children, something very beneficial when it comes to family upbringing. In this article, we reveal seven keys to communicate as a couple.

1. Show interest in what your partner has to tell you during a conversation

One of the big problems we have when it comes to communicating is that we listen to respond and not to understand. We all want that when we are telling something, we pay attention. As a couple, this problem seriously harms the relationship.

When we are listening to a complaint, we automatically think about what we are going to respond to instead of trying to understand what our partner is telling us and understand how they feel. Do not treat conversations with your partner as a competition where one loses and the other wins.

2. Express yourself in the first person when communicating with your partner

If we want to deal with issues from calm, it is essential to use the pronoun “I” when we want to express to our partner a matter with which we are dissatisfied.

Otherwise, our message will be sounding in a much more accusatory and critical way. For example, say: “I did not feel supported the other night when we had dinner with your parents,” instead of “You always ridicule me in front of your parents. “Keys to communicating as a couple.

3. Avoid showing disdain towards your partner

According to bestselling author Arielle Ford, expressing disenchantment is the main factor that separates couples. For her, disdain, getting defensive, being evasive and making constant criticism are the four riders of the apocalypse to communicate as a couple.

If your partner feels constrained or self-conscious when talking to you, you will not feel comfortable, thus creating a null pair communication. Consequently, your partner will not feel free to express himself as he is when he is with you.

4. Choose the time to discuss important issues

Many times, a conversation can become a hell for the simple fact of not having chosen the right time to start it. But, how to know when the right time is?

For this, Arielle Ford proposes to start with this simple sentence: Do you think it is a good time for us to talk? There is an issue that I find somewhat difficult and I need to discuss it with you. If he tells you that this moment is not right, ask him when it suits him.

Therefore, try to avoid that your partner feels obligated to speak. If your partner works or studies a lot and is resting, try to be patient and wait at the most appropriate time to talk about a topic that can lead to a safe conflict.

5. Be interested in your likes and likings when communicating with your partner
Talking about common interests is the best way to connect with someone and, in short, communicate with a partner. If you intend to develop good conversations with your partner, take an interest in informing yourself about what you like. In this way, communication flows, which will be very beneficial for your relationship.

Therefore, learning to listen to your partner when you talk about their interests is one of the keys to communicating with your most important partner. If your partner notices that you do not like their hobbies and that you do not want to talk about what they like, you are generating a barrier in communication.

6. Discuss what is essential

It is very frequent that in the heat of a couple’s argument disagreements of the past come to light, especially if you are at the “hottest” point of the discussion. Keys to communicating as a couple.

When other problems arise in the conversation, leave it aside and agree to discuss it later, but with one condition: that the problem to postpone is essential. You can not pretend that everything you do not agree on has to be talked about and ended in agreement because that will only generate a lot of tension and conflict.

7. Talk about how you feel when you communicate with your partner

Usually, in a discussion, in our discourse, we tend to criticize the other. In this way, your partner will feel attacked and will become defensive.

One of the most necessary keys to communicating with a partner is to talk about how you feel, instead of blaming your partner. If you direct your speech to explain how you have felt and express your emotions, you will guide the conversation towards a warmer and more understanding tone.

In short, we must not ignore the importance of excellent communication as a couple. Respect, interest in the other, knowing how to listen and recognize the emotions of both are key when maintaining the bond with your partner.

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