Lack of Physical Activity Causes More Deaths than Tobacco


How many hours a day do you spend sitting, do you spend the time to exercise constantly?, When was the last time you exercised your body? Better to know that lack of physical activity causes more deaths than tobacco.lazy

The problem of many office workers is that they do not spend time doing sports activities, and if you add to that, they take advantage of free time to go to the store or consume junk food, things get worse.

Lack of physical activity causes more deaths than tobacco

According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), 6% of deaths are due to sedentary lifestyle, is the fourth risk factor for global mortality, only behind hypertension, smoking and high levels of sugar in the blood.

Another study by The Lancet magazine showed that sedentary lifestyle causes as many deaths as tobacco, or even more. There are 5.3 million deaths per year due to lack of physical exercise . This represents a tenth of the deaths from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or cancer, but if we do the proportionate measurement, smoking causes more harm because there are fewer smokers (26% of the people in the world are smokers, 30.1% are sedentary). Lancet conducted the study investigating data from 105 countries.

How to avoid deaths due to a sedentary lifestyle

The best way to avoid deaths from a sedentary lifestyle is a daily exercise, it is the best way to avoid diseases that put your life at risk.

The World Health Organization recommends that you exercise 105 minutes a week, which means that you only need 20 minutes a day if you do so you will be able to lengthen your life expectancy considerably and improve your health. If you are sedentary and smoker worry.

Wisdom That Help: In Africa, 27.5% of the population is sedentary; in America, it is 43.3%; in the Middle East, 43.2%; in Europe, 34.8% do not exercise; in the Western Pacific, 33.7% are sedentary; and in Southeast Asia 17%. Worldwide, women exercise less than men, 33.9% of women are sedentary, men are 27.9%.

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