Losing Weight After 40 Fast


Starting a weight loss program is always a challenge, since in practice, the whole process involves several stages such as diet re-education, changing bad eating habits, adopting a balanced and balanced diet, and being persistent, persevering and strong of will.

All this, of course, without neglecting something that is essential for those who want and need to lose weight: regular physical activity.

However, slimming at age 40 makes that challenge far greater than when a person is thirty years or less, as the age of the individual increases, the metabolism slows down and the tendency is to gain weight.weight-gain

This means that the older you are, the more difficult it is to maintain your weight or lose weight, because your body no longer responds in the same way to certain diets and changes in habits that once had excellent results.

What does it take to lose weight at age 40?

In spite of the above, it is possible to lose weight at age 40 without putting your health at risk by simply taking some extra care, after all you no longer have the same elasticity, flexibility, or preserved joints as a person’s 20 years. So, in order to lose weight in this age group, we must follow some tips that we will know below.

Tips to lose weight at age 40:

Intensification of physical activitiesexercise

Physical activities need to be intensified, but that does not mean going out doing physical exercises crooked and straight. Physical exercises should be oriented and adapted to the age.

Over the years they cause natural wear and tear on the joints and they can not withstand the same weight and impact as before. Adapting the exercises to age will reduce the risk of tears, because if they occur, recovery will also be slower and less efficient.

Fibers, lots of fibers.

It will be necessary to increase the consumption of foods rich in fibers, because these will help to control and regulate the intestinal transit, acting as allies also in the control of cholesterol and glycemia.

Increase the menu with salads, vegetables, seeds and whole foods, such as rice and breakfast cereals, which are great sources of fiber.

Reduction of Animal Fats.

Making a sharp reduction in animal fats on your daily menu is a smart step. At age 40, the body is more prone to store fat and the burning and elimination of lipids become more difficult. Prefer for example lean and grilled meats and chicken without the skin.

Drink a lot of waterdrink water

The ideal is to drink at least a liter and a half to two liters of water per day. Water does a kind of general cleaning in the body, cleaning up organs and eliminating waste and toxins from the body. Water helps keep muscles more active, helping to prevent flaccidity.

The water has all the benefits already mentioned, not to mention that, besides moisturizing the body, aiding in water balance, it is also a respected natural appetite suppressant, which obviously has direct consequences on the weight loss process.

So, have no doubt that water helps you lose weight at age 40 or at any age. Your intake is always beneficial to the body.

Decrease your intake of alcoholic beverages.

All alcoholic beverages are extremely caloric. They are composed of ethyl alcohol which, after being metabolized by the body, becomes carbohydrates and the consequence is the production of 7 (seven) kilocalories per gram.

What differentiates one drink from another is the alcoholic content of each one, that is, the higher the alcoholic content, the greater the amount of calories.

Decrease the Salt Intake

Cutting off excess salt is an excellent attitude to aid in weight loss, especially if the person is in the age group of 40 years old. The salt causes fluid retention, leaving the body swollen.

But do not think that the food will run out of taste by decreasing or replacing the salt. Try seasoning salads only with lemon or vinegar, herbs and, if you like, abuse the garlic.

There are condiments, salt-free, to give great flavors to various types of food, such as basil, bay leaf, spring onion, marjoram, mint, oregano, parsley, thyme, cinnamon, cloves, paprika and saffron. Choose your favorites and leave the salt aside. You only have to gain from the change.

Share your experience with us.

And do you, dear reader, know some more tips to lose weight at 40 or know of someone who has succeeded in this sense?

If this is the case, share your experience with us through comments, after all, it is always good to know reports from people who have had good results in the search for healthy and defined body fat. And if that person got good results to lose weight at age 40, it is more a good motivation to continue in the fight against the scales.

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