6 Main Benefits Of Meditation


Meditation was a practice that until recently very few people took seriously. All studies related to the benefits of meditation that have emerged in recent years, have shown that effectively, meditate on a regular basis, can have important benefits for our health.

Girl doing Meditation In this article we want to share some of these benefits of meditation and encourage you to practice it on a regular basis. If you start today, in a very short time you can be enjoying all of them.

Benefits of daily meditation

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

With the current pace of life, it is normal to suffer stress and even anxiety. Up to a point it is normal to suffer stress, but if it lasts for long periods can be very harmful to our body.

With meditation we are able to relax our mind, evade stress and breathe more deeply leaving aside worries. Controlling our breathing helps to balance the concentrations of gases in our blood and this leads to a reduction of stress, anxiety and all mental problems derived.

2. Increases our energy

One of the main causes of the lack of energy every day is precisely stress and anxiety. Our brain consumes a lot of energy when having to turn over the problems that we have every day and it makes us feel mentally exhausted. Similarly, anxiety is a disorder that often causes problems to fall asleep and rest.

By relieving the symptoms of stress and anxiety, we will be helping our body to rest better and settle more energetically. Unlike other energy enhancers such as coffee or energy drinks, meditation lasts longer over time.

3. It makes us feel happier

There are studies that show that meditation significantly increases activity in the left frontal cortex, which is responsible for positive emotions. On the other hand, it reduces activity on the right side that is in charge of negative emotions. Therefore, meditating will help you find the right direction to happiness.

4. Help prevent heart problems

It has been shown that meditating frequently helps reduce the risks of suffering from cardio-vascular problems. This is because meditating helps reduce high blood pressure.

5. Calms the pain

In cases of chronic or very prolonged pain, meditation has proven to be a powerful ally for people seeking symptomatic relief. Meditation does not cure the origin of pain but helps our body to notice it less.

This is because, thanks to meditation, certain areas of the brain related to pain are activated and reinforced. This causes the intensity of it to be reduced.

6. It helps us control our feelings

Sometimes feelings of anger, anger, frustration or fear are impulsive and unreasonable feelings. Through meditation we can learn to control these feelings so that they pass a rational filter that helps normalize them.

Being aware of our character and way of being, will be very useful during the meditation so that we can reflect on how to control these feelings and that we can express them in an appropriate way.

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