Main Causes Of Constipation in Adults


constipationConstipation is something everybody face multiple times in life. Conspitation becomes problem when it becomes chronic and thus interfere in daily routine of work.The main causes of constipation can be:

  • Lack of stimulation to defecate, that is, not to go to the bathroom when you feel like it;
  • Eat few fibers in food;
  • Eat fewer fluids daily;
  • Do not perform any physical activity;
  • Symptoms of anxiety and nervousness;
  • Excessive use of laxatives.

By avoiding all these factors, the tendency will be to constipation not to return anymore.

Constipation can be treated with laxatives and foods with a laxative effect. Laxatives should only be taken in extreme cases, when the individual needs to do some diagnostic examination or travel, for example.

In normal day to day consumption of fiber-rich foods such as papaya, mango, grapes, squash, and cereal bread is able to resolve constipation on the same day, or at most the next day.

Whoever never eat fibers, may experience some abdominal discomfort due to the production of gases. But by continually eating these foods, the body becomes accustomed and the gas will decrease.

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