Makura-Pillow Alternative Therapy For Spinal & Cervical Pain


Makura Alternative TherapyThe word Makura means pillow in Japanese and is precisely what is based on the homonymous therapy that seeks to help release tensions, massage the back and improve posture. It is popularly used to relieve Spinal & Cervical Pain.

What is Makura Therapy?

The Makura therapy uses a wooden pillow and your goal is to help eliminate tension, stress, and anxieties, which concerns our modern living, reflected in our body through annoying and painful muscle spasms.

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The muscles of the spine are subjected daily to loads and at the time of rest, the body tries to recover energy, something that can be complicated due to stress and few hours of sleep, in addition to bad postures.

The Therapy proposes to enjoy a totally special massage session using a wooden pillow, there are also natural pads, based on the millennial Japanese technique, stuffed with buckwheat hull that promises a restful rest.

The Makura pads have the advantage of adapting perfectly to the position of the head and neck, which helps to relax all the muscles from the area of the trapezium and up to the head, recovering during the hours of sleep daily irritation that causes stress and nervous tension accumulated during each day.

Benefits of Makura Therapy

The benefits of this therapy are based on the principles of Oriental medicine that has been used in Japan for more than five centuries precisely because of its valuable therapeutic action.

Thanks to the format of the pillow used by the Makura Therapy it is possible to eliminate the cervical pains and all the discomforts related to the spine. In addition, Makura Therapy uses one of the fundamental principles of oriental medicine that relates directly to good rest.

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Also, the electromagnetic field of the brain begins to function in a normal way, generating a better quality of sleep and therefore a restful rest.

Another benefit of Makura is that it favors the position of the spine by helping to unlock contractures, relieve headaches and all stress-related problems by releasing tension and providing a gentle massage in the back area.

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