How Metabolism Works Within The Body


healthy man and metabolismWhen the dynamics of metabolism are altered, health problems arise. Several factors cause it but mainly for not sustaining good eating habits over time. In addition, you must include adequate rest and physical activity according to age.

If we want to maintain a stable metabolism, we must organize the eating habits according to the circadian cycle which is the human biological clock that allows coinciding the states of sleep and wakefulness. It also regulates the physiological functions of the organism so that they continue a regular cycle which is repeated every 24 hours.

The metabolism is at its highest during breakfast and lunch. It uses almost everything that we ingest as energy and everything that enters absorbs it. This is precisely the best time to consume food that at other times is not a good idea to do so.

Dynamics of Metabolism

If during breakfast and lunch you do not eat necessary food then, you will do it during those hours contrary to the above, during the snack and dinner, the metabolism comes to rest. The food that it absorbs at this moment incorporates them as fat reserves. That means that if during breakfast and lunch you do not consume the necessary food to save as a reserve, you will do so during those hours, altering the metabolism.

It is vital to maintain good eating habits over time, maintain a good rest and carry out activities according to their age. These good eating habits begin in childhood and have long-term benefits. In this way, we can reduce the risks of overweight, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

A balanced food composition will depend on the needs of each person. It is essential that you incorporate: fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains. Also, we must reduce the consumption of sugars, salt, and fats and ideally the entire family should adopt it.

Avoiding sedentary lifestyle can be a challenge for many, but weight control and energy balance are essential.

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