Why Do Muscles Hurt After Exercise


Surely everyone who has ever played sports is well aware of the pain in the muscles after exercise . People who have just started to deal with the fact that their muscles hurt after the first workout. Why is this happening? Let’s try to figure it out and understand, good or bad? Initially, you need to take into account that pain can be light and not provoking serious discomfort, but can be extremely strong, for which it is difficult even to move the limbs. Causes of pain are usually associated with their intensity.gym-excercise

Light and even somewhat pleasant pain usually occurs immediately after a workout. Cells of all tissues in the body receive energy due to the process of aerobic glycolysis, which without the participation of oxygen is impossible.

But during strength training, another process is used to produce energy by the body, namely anaerobic glycolysis. For the passage of his body does not need oxygen. The main metabolite of anaerobic glycolysis is lactic acid. Since, when lifting the burdens, the muscle tissue contracts, therefore, the blood vessels are pinched.

As a result, lactic acid cannot be excreted and retained in the tissues. It is this substance that provokes the burning sensation in the muscles that everyone knows. It is clear that the amount of lactic acid is determined by the intensity of training. The more actively you work the muscles, the more intense the sensation of burning will be. To speed up the process of metabolite withdrawal after a workout, it is recommended to do stretching exercises in order to restore blood flow in the muscle tissues.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that when enough blood has entered the muscles, the process of lactic acid withdrawal will be very fast. An hour after the end of the workout from lactic acid in the tissues of the muscles should not remain a trace, so this process makes sense to speak only for short-term pain. If the pain in the muscles after a workout is felt, say, every other day, it is worth looking for other reasons.

Moderate Pain The Day After Exercise

High-quality training provokes pain, which manifests either in the evening of the same day, or the next day. Their character, in this case, will be slightly different. Such pains are usually mild but can be quite severe. Why do muscles hurt a day after a workout? The presence of pain suggests that the muscle tissue received sufficient micro damages, which in principle is logical if the training was intense. If, after training, you often experience moderate pain the next day, it means that you have worked your muscles well and the body begins to restore them.

Consider the process of the appearance of such pain. If the fibers get micro damages, blood penetrates into them, which is there until the moment of removal and recovery. This process takes on average 2-3 days. As a result, scars are formed on the fibers in the damaged areas, due to which the muscle mass increases.

During these 2-3 days you need not load the muscles, but give them the opportunity to recover completely. If you load them again, not allowing them to fully heal, then there is no point in talking about mass gain. Because of this, in sport, there is a recommendation to work out every muscle group once a week.

If you do it easily, you also don’t have to talk about weight gain. Then you can get in shape and keep your muscles in shape. In this mode, you can do every day, because training is not stressful for the body. But it is important to listen to your body – possible muscle pain after exercise can be a signal that you need to pause in the exercises.

Late pain, which makes itself felt a day after a workout, can manifest itself not only among beginners but also among experienced athletes.

What hurts the muscles after training in this case? This is a signal of the body to the fact that previously he had not experienced such loads. The main causes of late pain are as follows:

  • Changing the training program.
  • The change in intensity or duration of employment.
  • Return to training after a long break.
  • If a person has just started to engage.

Especially often with such pains, commonly referred to as stencils, are those who have just started to play sports. It is quite clear why the muscles after the first workout or the first few really hurt. The body just gets used to the load. Yes, and experienced athletes are characterized by similar sensations, and they are not a reason to worry. In this case, they can be regarded only positively.

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