6 Myths About Love That Everyone Still Believes


loveSome ideas related to love are just old cliches that associate some behaviors with romantic relationships. Stereotypes about the female body, about how passionate people should act, about desires … are examples of things that have been propagated over time.

And these ideas, although they originate in the past, still influence the thinking of many people today, creating high expectations that are more hindering than they help.

Here are some of these most popular “love myths” and how they can affect your relationship.

1. Opposites Attract

It is generally believed that people with different personality traits are attracted, but not quite so. Studies have shown that having common interests, perceptions, and values ​​creates a stronger foundation in a relationship. If thoughts and habits are not compatible, there is more chance of disagreements and confrontations. But couples who exhibit similar behaviors and emotions, create a more harmonious and balanced environment even for children.

2. You can change your partner’s attitude

As much as you love your partner, there are a few things about him/her that can irritate you. If you think that by being in love, you will be able to control and change the habits and temperament of the other, you may be disappointed. It is best to stay with someone with personality traits similar to yours so that you are more sensitive to their needs, which leads to a more friendly and lasting relationship.

3. Living together is great for understanding each other

You may think living under one roof is a great way to get to know your partner closely, but that decision also has a downside. By living together, the pressure will come to make the relationship official. Also, if you succumb to social pressure and get married, this can lead to discord later. So it is better to take your time, mature the relationship, be with someone who thinks alike, rather than anticipates things and ends up hurting and generating regrets.

4. You find real love only in a ‘soul mate’

The concept of “soul mate” is wrong because it makes everyone believe that there is only one person who is their perfect match and who can love you. In fact, there is no soul mate made for you. Instead, a couple grows together in the relationship, evolving as people who understand and respect each other. It takes effort, commitment and adjustments from both sides to keep the bond strong and alive.

5. Love has an expiration date

If you believe that love disappears over time, you are wrong. Studies have proven that many couples who are in a relationship for a long time still feel the same surge of intimacy and love that in the early stages of dating. Over the years the relationship strengthens the bond and lessens the stress that is often present at the beginning. It is possible to preserve your love if you and your partner make a conscious effort to give attention and stimulate the passion you share.

6. You can fall in love at first sight

Studies have established that so-called “love at first sight” is more of an intense attraction that really love. Over time, other factors are needed to keep love strong. In addition to physical attraction, understanding, respect, and compatibility help make a lasting relationship.

These are some of the “myths of love” that still exist throughout the world. It is clear that several people have already experienced in a positive way some of these experiences. Therefore, none of this can be generalized, but it is good to be careful to pursue stronger and more mature relationships.

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