Natural Remedies for Muffled Hearing


The sensation of muffled hearing from a cold is quite uncomfortable, and the ability to listen is compromised. The clogged ear can have varied causes and the solution that may be relatively simple, depending on the condition.Kid with Mufled Hearing

Because it is relatively common, however, a lot of people do not give much importance. But it is important to treat and seek a doctor, when the condition is not resolved with simple measures and the pain gets too much. But before you know about the natural remedies for Muffled Hearing from a cold, let us know the causes:

Causes of Muffled Hearing

A number of factors can cause clogging of the ears. The condition, known as autophony, is mainly due to the following reasons:

Variations in temperature and altitude: the human body becomes accustomed to normal conditions, and suffers when there is a sudden change, such as during a plane trip or the descent of some mountain range. In these cases, the pressure of the outer ear is different from the average and this can clog the ear.

  • Too Much Wax : Wax buildup in the ear can also cause an obstruction, which causes clogging.
  • Infections : Flu, colds, and other respiratory illnesses can cause a buildup of mucus, which can reach the ear, clogging it. In addition, otitis, which is the ear infection, also causes clogging.
  • Water in the Ear : This is a common cause of ear clogging, as fluid enters the ear canal.
  • Meniere’s Disease : This chronic disorder, which occurs as a result of a malfunction of the labyrinth, which is inside the ear, has as one of the symptoms the ear clogging.
  • Ear Bone Blockage : When there is any obstruction in one of the three bones that exist in the middle ear, clogging may also occur.
  • Eustachian Trunk Dysfunction : This region connects the nose and ear to the ear, obstructs it, does not let the air pass, causing a blocked ear sensation, and other symptoms. In this case, the treatment is surgical.
  • Bruxism : Incorrect positioning of the jaw can also cause ear clogging.

As mentioned, there are natural ways of dealing with the problem, depending on the cause of the clogged ear. Here are they :

Natural Remedies for Muffled Hearing

Clogged ear due to Infections

Apple and Alcohol Vinegar

The apple vinegar has antibacterial properties and may help to dissolve mucus present in the ear. To do this, take equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and alcohol and put in an eyedropper. Put into the affected ear, put a cotton ball in the solution do not spill, do not lift the head, wait a few minutes and remove the wax with a flexible rod.


Garlic is a very effective natural antibiotic and can be used to treat ear infections. Use some cloves of garlic, mash them, and mix with a little mustard oil. Heat the mixture. When the solution is warm, drip into the capped ear, leave for a few minutes and remove the excess.

Clogged Ear due to Pressure

Valsalva maneuver

Close your mouth, over your nose and remain with your mouth closed. Make a movement as if it were to blow your nose until you hear a crack in your ear. Do this maneuver gently, otherwise, it may damage, or even break the eardrum.

Toynbee Maneuver

Take a sip of water. With the mouth water, pinch the nose and try to swallow the liquid. This helps relieve the pressure in the ears.

Clogged ear due to Excess Wax

Hot compress

Heat helps unclog the ear and relieves pain. To do so, just wet a cloth with hot water, remove the excess and put on the affected ear. Leave on for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Olive oil

The olive oil can help to soften the excess wax in the ear. The treatment is very simple: just warm up some of the oil, let the liquid stay warm, and drip into the affected ear. Then remove excess wax with a flexible rod.

These are some ways to unclog the ears, however, it is important to first meet your doctor to diganoise what is causing the clogging so that you can use the right home remedy for it.

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