Natural Ways For Getting Rid Of Fingernail Fungus


finger nail fungusNail fungus is not a life-threatening disease. Nevertheless, this ailment brings a lot of trouble to man. Infection occurs by direct contact with the infected surface. It can be very long to be a carrier, and with the slightest damage to the skin and a decrease in immunity, suddenly get onychomycosis.

Ways of treating nail fungus at home

The leading cause of the nail fungus is the weakening of local immunity and damage to the skin. Symptoms can manifest themselves in different ways – from changing the structure of the nail and up to suppuration, depending on the severity of the ailment.

To begin therapy better at the initial stages, then the process will not be so long, and the symptomatology is not so pronounced.

Started onychomycosis is treated hard and long – up to a year by a combination of different drugs. The method of treatment often depends on the form of the disease and the manifestation of symptoms. Sometimes surgical intervention may be required to remove the deformed plate.

To cure a nail fungus at home can be several ways:

  • Pharmacy products;
  • People’s recipes;
  • Combining approaches (combination of 2 options).
  • With mycosis, you can cope with only combining approaches and knowing the principles of treatment. First, the conventional medicine offers a lot of options for drugs with different dosage regimens and dosages.

Inside taken pills, working on the pulse-therapy method, that is, the maximum dosage for rapid destruction of the fungus. Between courses, there is usually a long pause.

Also, the pharmacy can offer ointments, creams, oils and even special varnishes and films against mycotic. They keep fungicides, but the effectiveness of the same drug may vary.

To successfully cure the fungus of nails, you should first determine its appearance, the severity of the pathology and skin type. All this is taken into account when selecting drugs for mycosis therapy. If only 50 % strikes the nail, then the usual ointment can cope with the disease.

But in addition to pharmaceuticals should be used and folk medicine in the home. This is often more secure than taking systemic drugs and is also available in the price range for most. Butter can also make healing ointments.

Important! Recipes of traditional medicine at home should be used as well as pharmaceutical drugs in a dosage so as not to violate local immunity and not worsen the symptoms.

Nail fungus – treatment and Natural Home remedies

Cured fungus at home can be a variety of folk remedies.

The main components of all recipes for the treatment of onychomycosis:

  • soda;
  • salt;
  • iodine;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • garlic;
  • washing powder;
  • vinegar;
  • glycerides;
  • alcohol;
  • herbs.

Any remedy from the presented list or a combination of these will give excellent results, although it will take some time until the healthy nail grows.

Ideally, before starting treatment at home, you should remove the affected nail plate, so that nutrients and more quickly delivered to the affected area in the right amount. The same will speed up the healing process. From the top, you can apply ointments from both the pharmacy and your preparation.

Not everyone is aware of, but the treatment of nail fungus, it is not only the application of national funds to the skin surface, but also the treatment of other surfaces – everyday change of socks, wash bedding and cleaning of the OCU in and.

Also, it will be necessary to wipe all the surfaces with which the contaminated area contacted, that is, floors, furniture, utensils, with special solutions.

What are the best home remedies for toenail fungus?

Traditional medicine offers many recipes, which can quickly get rid of onychomycosis. Here are just a few of them:

  • Garlic

Treatment of garlic at home is quite simple and effective. You can cut a slice of garlic in layers, dip them in salt and apply to the lesion, and you can make garlic-salt gruel and also wear a day along with the bandage.

This compress can be done at night. You can also do with a bow. If such a gruel is mixed with butter, you will get an excellent ointment.

  • Peroxide in combination with soda

First, by the principle of a detergent, steam your feet, but instead of 100 g of powder add only one tsp. Soda per liter. After rinsing, a piece of cotton wool, which is heavily moistened with peroxide, is applied to the affected area and wrapped around the area with cellophane for long-term exposure.
The whole procedure together with the puffing of the feet takes about an hour. It is better to put these compresses twice a day, but you can also once, to be regular. Also, during the day, a couple of drops of peroxide should be instilled in the nail cavity.


  • Nitrate

Already for a long time in the national treatment of a fungus, this spirit has registered. For one glass of ordinary water, 1 tbsp. Ammonia. Next, the cotton fabric dipped in the solution and applied as a compress for the night.

  • Salt-Soda Iodine

A universal folk remedy that is easy to make at home. It helps and from the pain in the throat in ARI, and for accelerated healing of wounds and nail fungus. A liter of water has a teaspoon of soda, a tablespoon of salt and a couple of drops of iodine.

Next, calculate the required volume and in hot water with dissolved components steam every night feet.

Soda in the treatment of fungus can be used separately
Add a small amount of water to the soda to get a gruel, and apply to the affected area for 20 minutes. Then rinse the mixture, gently dry with a towel and sprinkle with powder.

  • Boric Acid

Boric acid as a home remedy helps in the treatment of nail fungus.

Steer the legs, then sprinkle the dry parts of the lesion with this powder and leave it so for the night under the toe. Nine procedures are enough.

  • Mix Iodine, Glycerine, Vinegar

Mix iodine, glycerin, vinegar and boiled water 1: 2. With this mixture, rub the steamed areas of the lesion overnight. Repeat the treatment of fungus at home under this scheme 10 times.

  • Alcohol

Spread alcohol with a cotton swab and apply to the nail for the night under the cellophane. Treatment 2 weeks.

  • Herbs

Excellent help in the therapy of onychomycosis – herbs. You can soar your feet in the broth of nettle, sage, celandine, mint, chamomile. Mix the same mixture and fall asleep in the sock.

  • Ointments based on Herbs

Making lotions based on herbs and oil will require patience and accuracy. Peppermint, St. John’s wort, chamomile, nettle and sage mix in the same proportions and this mixture has added a tablespoon per 100 g of butter.

The butter with herbs melts in a water bath, and the future ointment is soaked for 30 minutes. When the time has passed, the resulting mixture is filtered through a triple layer of gauze. Apply ointment twice a day to the affected area.

  • Washing Powder

Washing powder treat fungus on the nails offer many Internet users. The basic abilities of the component explain this. Under such conditions, the infection does not survive. 100 g of powder dissolve in hot water (3-5 liters).

Soak the feet with this compound every day until the symptomatology completely disappears, after which three more days to carry out the procedures. Many write that in 10 days they were able to overcome onychomycosis. This is the most simple home remedy.

Socks should be changed daily, as well as their contents. This will prevent the reproduction of the fungus and speed up the treatment.

Effectiveness of  Method

The effectiveness of the method of treating the nail fungus at home is due to a formal approach to hygiene, as well as the combination of different therapies.

Using medicines, you can also use traditional medicine and vice versa. This will help to quickly cure nail fungus on the legs. If you feel that after using folk remedies the skin dries, then it should be applied to the surface of the skin with olive or sea-buckthorn oil. The latter can color the skin and tissues in orange.

When the disease has already been defeated, it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis with folk remedies at home, for example, e stagger up your legs in one of the above solutions.

This will help prevent re-infection. Also, regularly treat shoes and other surfaces with antifungal agents or other methods.

Important! If the remedy does not work, stop and try another method. Any symptomatology of an allergic nature serves as a warning that the method is chosen incorrectly.

How To Treat Nail Fungus In Hands

Nail fungus on the hands at home is treated on the same principle as on the legs. The only difference is that gloves are used instead of socks. Not every remedy can be kept for a long time on the affected area.

  • Proper treatment of the fungus is a regular hygiene – washing hands and those surfaces that they touch. Then you will not have to face such an infection in the future.
    Remember that the nail fungus is very contagious, but the danger of infection is present only in those cases when immunity decreases. Therefore, during the treatment should also consume large amounts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Immunomodulating drugs, which will help to strengthen immunity, also do not interfere. Do not use both folk remedies and pharmacies, so as not to provoke an allergic reaction. First, apply the pharmacy, and then after an hour prepared from one recipe mixture. This will quickly cure the fungus of the nails on the hands.
  • Remember that from the fungus of nails on the hands are helped by folk remedies, but the official medicine should not be moved aside. Modern drugs allow for a few techniques to finally destroy mycotics, and folk remedies will fix the effect for a long period.

Remember that from the fungus of nails on the hands are helped by natural remedies, but the official medicine should not be moved aside. Modern drugs allow for a few techniques to finally destroy mycotics, and folk remedies will fix the effect for a long period of time.

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