New Years Eve Makeup Tips & Ideas

We all want to receive the fantastic new year , that is why the choice of the perfect dress and underwear occupy part of our attention to the extent that December 31 is approaching. If you already have everything and are ready to eat the 12 grapes and toast with yours, we give you some tricks to make you look even more beautiful and learn how to make up for the end of the year
Steps to follow:-

1. First clean your face with the cleansing milk you use regularly, if you want to have smooth and perfect skin you can exfoliate the day before applying the mask of your preference, so your face will look more radiant

2.Apply the base of the makeup with the special sponge for it. The choice of the tone of the base is very important, if you do not have one when buying it, consult with a specialist, although usually those that are not noticed are recommended, they are a little more expensive but the purpose of makeup is to make you look beautiful in a way natural , without it seems that you carry a lot of products, remember it always

3. Then proceed to correct the defects with a corrector r, for dark circles you should use a special eye contour because that area is usually very delicate, cover the spots or pimples with the concealer and then apply base if necessary in order to get uniformity. Then you can proceed to apply your usual compact powder
4. Before starting with your eyes make sure that the eyebrows are perfect , if you are one of those people with few eyebrows try to correct them with a special pencil for it, but if you have never done it before maybe it is best to practice a few days before to achieve the effect that you like and favor
5.With a suitable brush to make up the eyes put a point of light on the inside of the eye, just where the bone of your partition begins, for this you can use a shadow that illuminates, a pearl color usually works very well. This small step will make your face have more light, making the difference at the time of a photograph
6. If you are not used to using liquid eyeliner, use the pencil for that function making a thin line on the part of the eyelid where your eyelashes are born, after finishing the shadow if necessary, highlight it a little bit again
7. To choose the ideal shade color, remember that light tones stand out and dark tones sink, if you are light skin the earth, green, ocher, brown and golden colors look fantastic in you, in the case of brunettes, roses, blues and Tones like peach will look great. Avoid falling into the monochrome, if your dress is brown look for colors that combine and do not make your eyes also brown, use ocher, orange or gold tones and look fantastic
8. A good trick to make your eyes look bigger is to delineate them a bit on the inside of the corner, this will give strength to your eyes and make them look more striking during your dinner and end of the year party
9. Regarding the blush choose the tone that goes best with your skin, usually there are two ranges the oranges and golds, which go very well in white and brown skins, and the pink ones that are very good in the brunettes. Use a special brush for blush and pass it through your cheekbones in order to highlight them, do not overdo it because you do not want to see yourself as a clown. You can also place a little on your nose and on the corners of your forehead, this will bring luminosity and the final touch
10. As for the lips , so important in makeup, if you decided to recharge your eyes then paint the lips with a light pink tone, a shine or a color very similar to your skin, emphasizing your look and creating a combination of innocence and sensuality . On the other hand, if your shadow is light then it reinforces your beauty in the mouth by choosing more intense and striking colors
With these tricks you are ready to wear a great, sensual and perfect makeup to receive the new year.

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