Onion Juice For Hair Regrowth In 3 Weeks


hair-regrowthOnion Juice has miraculous properties that aid natural hair regrowth that makes it so special for hair. Onion is easily found in every kitchen and its available abundantly world-wide.

Everybody wants a beautiful hair, but taking care of hair due to busy routine is becoming difficult. Washing the hair at home is often done for the shiny and care of hair but do you know that this can give you hair thick again. You can also learn

Onion contains a mineral called sulfur, which is very important for hair growth. Onion also solves the problem of hair fall, hair whitening or greying that comes with age.The best way to use onion on the hair is to use onion juice as a way to prevent hair loss.

Let’s see how to use onion for Hair Growth

Method To Use:

1. Peel the onions and let them grind them well.
2. Take the juice out by squeezing this paste with your hands.
3. Now place this juice on your scalp and hair.
4. Now let the juice stay on the head for half an hour and
5. Wash it using a light shampoo.

Use this remedy 3 times in the week, the results will amaze you.You can add honey or coconut oil to boost its effectiveness.

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