Organic Green Clay: 10 Amazing Uses & Benefits For Body


Green clay is a natural organic substance that, due to its purity, has consecrated use in dermatology and alternative remedies. Since ancient times, the use of clay has been used in popular medicines, such as wrap or plaster, to treat bruises, wounds or sprains, to relieve skin irritation and joint pain.Green Clay Mask on Women's Face

What is green clay?

All clay is a natural mineral, a mud of very old volcanic origin, derived from the accumulation of some specific minerals called feldspars. The clays still contain iron, boron, potassium, calcium, and sulfur.

Green clay has a green mineral called montmorillonite that is rich in iron oxide associated with magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, aluminum, potassium, silicon, copper, selenium, cobalt and molybdenum. Green clays have neutral pH and absorbent action.

Benefits/  Uses of Green Clay

1. Facial Mask

Green clay is suitable for normal to oily skins. To make the clay mask you need to moisten the dry clay, mix until you get a good paste to apply on the face with a facial brush.

Depending on the type of skin you have, you can mix lemon juice (oily and stained), lavender oil (for normal skin) or grape seed oil if you have mixed or dry skin.

Leave on for up to 20 minutes, or until the clay has dried and rinse thoroughly with water at room temperature. You can use it once a week. The goal is to keep the skin clean by absorbing fats and dead cells.

2. For Body Detox

Green clay is one of the most widely used remedies for purifying the body but for this purpose use only a clay prepared for ingestion, which is different from that used for the face mask.

The internal purification treatment, or detoxification, is to take a glass of water where you dissolved a teaspoon of green clay. Mix well the clay in the water, let it sit (can prepare the night before) and drink this regularly for at least a month. The total duration of treatment will depend on your state of health.

3.Anti-Dandruff Mask

Mix a portion of green clay with water, to get a cream that will allow you to spread the mask all over the scalp. Wrap your head in a plastic bag covered with a towel and leave it for up to 30 minutes.

After this time, normally wash your head with your shampoo. This treatment is good for those who have oily hair. For dry hair, prefer white clay, which is less astringent than green.

4. Anti-Cellulite Treatment

The absorption capacity of green clay is very suitable for anti-cellulite treatments. Mix the green clay powder with pure water so as to get a cream and keep a fairly thick layer on the skin. If you wish, you can mix in this mask a little bit of birch oil , to help with massage, and a few drops of essential oils of geranium and rosemary, suitable for topical dermatological treatments involving tissue detoxification.

5. For Joint Pain

One of the uses of clays is the reduction of joint pain and inflammatory arthritic or rheumatic health issues. Make a paste of green clay prepared with warm water as a plaster over the place to be treated. Cover this patch with a towel to prolong the heat (which also helps with the treatment).

Some people prefer to mix the clay mixed with a little honey and olive oil , mixing everything until the desired consistency.Apply this paste on the joints for 30 to 60 minutes (wrap the joint with plastic wrap on the clay slurry, and put half of protection or towel to keep the temperature.

6. Facial Cleansing

Mix 1 teaspoon green clay tea, 1 teaspoon aloe gel soup, 1 handful of ground almonds or chopped almonds, 2 drops of essential oil of lavender and a few drops of eco-bio facial tonic, to obtain a compound Quite solid. Moments before use, mix with enough water to get across the face. This lotion acts as a light exfoliating detergent.

7. Toothpaste

Clay is used in cleaning the teeth. But also in this recipe below, you should use a mixer to beat the following ingredients: ½ teaspoon of green clay, 2 tablespoons of dried salvia leaves, 2 tablespoons of baking soda ( Which is often one of the main ingredients of the commonly used toothpaste).

You can add 5 drops of mint or lemon essential oil.

This toothpaste, which you can make at home, has to whiten and sanitizing action. In case you prefer to use the paste in cream form then, mix the powder with a little aloe vera gel when using.

8. Nail and Cuticle Protector

Put warm water in a bowl and dissolve two tablespoons of powdered green clay. Soak your hands in this water for as long as you want – it will relax your hands, soothe the skin, soften the cuticles, prevent breakage, and remove any pain you may have.

9. Headache

In migraines and headaches, green clay is very effective and provide fast relief. Dissolve 2 to 3 tablespoons of green clay in hot water, add a few drops of lavender or sweet orange essential oil, both known for their relaxing properties.Apply it on the temples and forehead and feel the relaxation.

10. For Swollen Eyes

Pollution, tiredness, sleep or eye pain is very common in cities. As long as you use a good quality clay (prefer one for internal use), it will be a good eye bath. Prepare two pieces of sterile, folded gauze and immerse each in a solution of water and green clay (ratio: 1 cup of liquid and a teaspoon of clay – mix well and let sit for 15 minutes). You can add the infusion of mallow, chamomile, white rose or Chinese tea. Apply to the eyes up to 3 times a day to rfresh your eyes.

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