Post-Appendicitis Recovery Tips


appendixAcute appendicitis is inflammation of the mucosa that lines the inner surface of the vermiform appendix, a small sac that is near the junction of the large intestine with the small intestine. Appendicitis is a disease that affects more than 20% of the world population, more common in men and usually appears between 15 and 30 years. Currently, the appendicitis operation is performed through laparoscopy and the total recovery is close to the month. Next, we explain what you must do to recover faster and better from appendicitis.

Steps to follow:

1. The postoperative period of appendicitis is usually 2 to 4 days. During the first day, you should not eat solid and be in bed, from the first 24 hours you can start with the intake of liquid and semiliquid like yogurt.

2. After 36 hours you can start eating some solid and the medication is acetaminophen and analgesics. The patient must start to stand and walk a little. At 48 hours the patient is usually discharged and can continue his recovery at home. Once the acutest and disquieting symptoms disappear, you can move on to a liquid diet of juices, carrots, beets, cranberries or grapes.

3. During the first week after the operation of appendicitis, the stitches will be tender and the patient must rest. After 7 days, the stitches can be removed. In this way, it will also be essential that you know how to cure an appendicitis wound .

4. During the 3 or 4 days after leaving the hospital you should eat grilled or boiled products. It is important that the patient is always hydrated and drink plenty of water and juice.

5. During the 7 days that the patient with appendicitis has the points, he / she will not be able to bathe either in the pool or in the bathtub, the toilet must be done in running water to avoid infections.

6.After the points have been eliminated we can start a normal life, but be careful you can not practice sport until 1 month after the operation of learning.

7. During recovery from appendicitis, if the patient has a fever, vomiting or dizziness should go quickly to the emergency room.

This article is merely informative, we do not have the faculty to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis.

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