How To Prevent Obesity With Simple Lifestyle & Food


Being overweight is not only an aesthetic issue but, above all, it is a health problem. Healthy habits not only help us maintain body weight but also help us to live longer and better.Reducing Waist Size

As per Federation of Nutrition, in a Day the following diet & routine is most suitable for our body.

  • Breakfast every day (for example fruit + cereal + milk)
  • Consume 3 pieces of fruit per day
  • Include vegetables in food and dinner.
  • Avoid taking water with meals.
  • Take vegetables 2-3 times a week.
  • Increase consumption of whole grains, fiber (salads).
  • Reduce the consumption of fatty meats, sausages, cheese.
  • Avoid sweets, salty snacks, pastries, pre-cooked, junk food.
  • Walking After every meal.

We must take into account that eating habits, like so many other things, are acquired in childhood and that adults are a model for children.

In this way we will achieve two objectives, on the one hand, to improve our health, and on the other, to build a good base of healthy habits among the young.

Although food is a fundamental pillar of health, we should not forget other healthy practices such as physical activities (playing with our children may be the perfect exercise to loose weight and increase stamina.

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