8 Reasons To Love Your Enemies


girl with arms openDo you understand your enemy – you win the war! Let’s get out of this cliche and realize that we have to be grateful that we have enemies because they can teach us to understand life better and get to know ourselves genuinely, to start accepting people as you are. Without enemies, we will not be able to get the lessons that will make us better.

Here are some important reasons why we should love our enemies

1. They help us manage the negative emotions

Enemies are the ones that will help you discover and measure your sense of anger and learn to master. Anger management is more effective when it is mastered in practice, not in theory.

2. They make us stronger

Enemies only have strong personalities, the arena of rivalry here is the right to be a breasts ahead. Sometimes a person may not even know he is competitive until he faces a rival. Such duels give birth to the right motivation to be better.

3. Their criticism may be constructive

The criticism of the enemy brings more benefits than the enthusiastic praises of friends. The enemy will not flatter you. Even when speaking from the position of hatred, in his words you can always find particles of truth.

4. They can become your Ally

To learn to love your enemies also means trying to establish interaction with them. After all, if you find a common language and create a comfortable atmosphere for communication, you will gain another friend. And this works for you in the long run and improves your communication skills with people.

5. They are an opportunity to get positive

Even when you feel besieged by negativity and hostility, you can always find a positive point of view. Knowing that you have spirits does not mean that you can not focus on the important, truly good things in your life. The presence of enemies is also important from the point of view of the situation – you can take a break, step back a little, and calm down everything and everyone around you.

6. Sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding

Often the reason why you have enemies can be very harmless. You may not have understood the nature of the conflict, and your rival will help you clarify the whole picture. This helps you to listen. Most disputes between people are due to the lack of understanding of the other’s position.

7. Learn to appreciate love

Love and hate are two opposite emotions. When you have enemies, you feel their dislike toward you. But, in your life, there are necessarily people who love you. And if they love you, then there is something special in you, and you are bound to make it your strong side.

8. Help us understand that hate is redundant

Hate is too heavy a burden and hurts the one who hates stronger than hated. This is one of the most dangerous emotions for the body. It is able to “suck” energy from everywhere and turn a person into an invalid. Hatred carries only toxic emotions and leads to bad reactions.

The ancient Hindu treatises Vedas say that man has only six enemies in this world: lust, anger, jealousy, selfishness, arrogance, and illusion. If you win them, you will see that there are only friends around you.

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