How To Reduce The Acidity And Gas Problem


Most people are troubled by the problem of acidity. In fact, due to unhealthy eating habits, people have to face this problem. People also use different types of medicines for their remedy, which have their own side effects.

Often people are sidelined by the things they are around to get rid of acidity. Those troubled by the problem of acidification can avoid eating it by making changes in food and consuming healthier foods. At the same time, there are some foods which are used to remove acetidae problems and also have the necessary elements in the body.

Let’s know what foods should be consumed to get rid of the acidity:


Watermelon contains enough amount of anti-oxidants, fibers. By taking watermelon intake the stomach can be hydrated and it helps in reducing the pH level. This reduces acidity problems.

2.Cold Milkmilk

Cold milk is beneficial for milk and bones and gives instant relief from acidity. It neutralize  the acid in the stomach and soothes the irritated food pipe. Cold milk with 1/4 water mixed solves acid reflux and stomach irritation fast.

3.Coconut Watercoconut water
Coconut water is very useful for the body. It also helps in fulfilling the essential elements in the body. Coconut water removes toxins from the body. Due to this, coconut water intake can also be overcome by the problem of acidity.

4.BananaBananaBanana is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants and potassium. Banana acid reduces reflux. Also, fiber is available in bananas in sufficient quantities, with the help of which acidity can be avoided.

4. CucumberCucumberCucumbers contain plenty of water, which keeps the body hydrated. Cucumber replaces many elements for the body. Cucumber also reduces acid reflux, which reduces acidity problems.

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