How to Reduce Fever in Babies Naturally


When we want to alleviate some ailment of the baby at home, the best option is to do so using tips with natural products and avoid self-medication before visiting a sleeping

Sometimes, there are variations in the body temperature of babies and, as a mother, it is natural that you worry. This will not happen for a long time since, once you learn what you can do at home to lower the fever in babies, you will attend that small emergency much more confident and without stress.

From the moment of birth, the baby struggles rudimentarily to adapt to the temperature of the environment in which he has to live.  It is a somewhat abrupt change for him, so we must watch that this temperature is similar to what was used to enjoy in the womb.

The normal temperature of babies

The baby is born approximately 37.7 – 38.2 degrees Celsius rectal temperature, which drops a degree and then is easily recovered. In this sense, the axillary temperature is lower than that recorded in the groin and this, in turn, less than that of the rectum.

The child loses heat through breathing, muscular activity and through perspiration through the skin. When, on the other hand, temperature is not lost but it is increasing, do not be alarmed the first time . It does not necessarily have to be an infectious disease, virus, bacteria or other problem.

This increase could be, in some cases, heat due to excess clothing. However, we can also be in the presence of the beginning of some ailment, in the worst of situations.

This rise in body temperature could occur at night, when it is often impossible to leave the house to go to the specialist. It is there then when you must apply these useful tricks to lower the fever in babies. 

Remember, of course, that this is only a palliative to solve the situation at the moment. If the condition persists, be sure to visit the pediatrician  as soon as possible.

Tricks you can use to lower fever in babies

Keep the baby’s body ventilated

We should not have our baby too warm, as this contributes to a higher body temperature. When there is fever or breakage, we must opt ​​for garments made of cotton, as they favor perspiration and are much fresher.

Do not bathe with warm water

Many mothers make the mistake of showering the child with very cold water when they have a fever. They do not know, in this way, that this could worsen the feverish picture.

What is recommended is to do it with water at room temperature , or even something lukewarm. Sudden temperature shocks are not recommended for anyone, much less for a baby.

Apply compresses

This trick has passed from generation to generation. The compresses are very effective at the time of lowering the temperature; These must be impregnated with cold water, but not frozen, and must be placed in strategic places . For example: the forehead, sole of the feet, palm of the hands and back of the neck.

“If you notice that at some point, despite having applied all the tricks to lower the fever in babies, it increases and is positioned at 39 ° C, you should go immediately to a health center”

Hydrate the baby

It is very important to keep the baby ingesting liquid constantly, because when there is an increase in body temperature, the child tends to lose water through the excessive perspiration his body experiences.

Dehydration must be avoided at all costs. For this, we can offer refreshing fruit juices such as watermelon , citrus fruits can be give.

Coffee poultices

These poultices can be placed with complete confidence. The coffee must be ground and wet and you will use it as it is cold compresses ; however, in this case they are only placed on the feet and on the palms of the hands.

Sliced ​​raw potato

Like cold compresses, they are the same or better when it comes to lowering body temperature in babies. Like coffee poultices, you can place them on the soles of the feet and palms.

Controlled space ventilation

When the baby is at high body temperature, we should keep it in an airy room , but not with cold and strong drafts. Care should be taken to remain lying down and very calm to avoid excessive agitation, in order to lower the fever.

The monitoring of the temperature should be done in a period no longer than 30 minutes between one shot and another.  If you notice that at some point, despite having applied all the tricks to lower fever in babies, it increases and is positioned at 39 degrees Celsius, you must go immediately to a health center.

Never have an option to self-medicate your baby.  While you can apply these natural tricks as palliatives, do not consider this option with the medications you have at home. It is better as long as a specialist determines what is correct to supply in each case.

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