7 Signs of A Cheating Partner In The Relationship


But infidelity is not always as obvious as the classic lipstick stains on the shirt collar. Therefore, we separate 7 signs that may indicate that your partner is relating to another person. Check out:

1. He/ She does not introduce you to close friends or family

When a partner or partner avoids introducing you to people who are important in his or her life, this may be a sign that he is hiding something from you – or hiding from you.

If he does everything to keep your relationship a secret, this may be an attempt to appear to be single – whatever the reason.

2. Disappears and gives you very vague explanations.cheating

Spending several hours or even days with no sign of life and giving excuses like “I ran out of battery” or “I was too busy” is a fairly consistent indication that there is something strange going on.

Even if it is not a betrayal, this attitude alone is an immense lack of consideration. So if you try to justify your partner’s disappearances for yourself, you may need to reevaluate his interest and commitment to the relationship.

3. Protects his cell phone all the time

It really is not legal to snoop around the partner’s cell phone, as we all have the right to privacy. But if he gets nervous at the mere fact that you touch the device and does not even allow you to see a picture with his cell phone in hand, he may want to hide something.

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4. Suddenly, was very affectionate or very quarrelsome

Partners who become very kind overnight or start giving presents for no reason may actually be feeling guilty about a betrayal and trying to compensate for this failure by engaging in more loving behavior.

Another possibility is for a partner to arrange to quarrel with you for anything in order to irritate you and make you break the relationship. Creating arguments for free is also a way for him to say to himself that you treat him badly, so he does not have to blame himself for cheating on you.

5. You realize that your career and finances bother you

Love does not always get over it: big differences in career and financial conditions between two people can make one betray more likely.

A partner who earns a lot more than you or a more prestigious social position may feel you have the right to do everything you want, including maintaining other relationships. In this case, it is common for the partner to make pejorative comments about your career and put you down.

On the other hand, a partner who earns less or has a less valued position may feel insecure about his success, so that he begins to relate to others to feel better about himself. One sign that this may be happening is the fact that he is not truly happy with his achievements.

6. His friends live by betraying their partners

“Tell me who you walk with and I can tell you who you are”: it’s no use if your partner is the best boyfriend in the world if he walks with friends who knowingly do not usually maintain a lot of respect and fidelity in their relationships.

If the partner is included in a medium that he considers normal to treat women as disposable objects, he is likely to cope with those values ​​- otherwise, he would feel uncomfortable with such a posture and move away from the group.

7. Have you ever been “the other”

Of course there are lovely love stories that started when one of the two was engaged. However, if your partner was on top of you, open to your attacks, or even dated you repeatedly while you were still relating to another person, that may be a pattern of behavior – and nothing guarantees that he will not do it. even now.

Am I being betrayed?

The existence of any of these signs is not a “guarantee” that the partner is betraying you. But when you feel that something is wrong, it usually ends up being confirmed.

Turning to dialogue is the best option, but unfortunately, cheating partners are not always mature enough to take on that flaw. That way, you may have to make a decision about the future of the relationship based only on your impressions.

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