Signs That He Wants a Serious Relationship with You


You have had enough dates with a boy and it is normal that when you spend more time together you begin to develop deeper feelings. However, it is also quite common that the stronger that affection is, the more fear you will have that person can harm you. In those moments, the following question usually appears: “Will you want something more serious with me or just like to have a good time?”man looking at a woman

Although each person is a world and, therefore, that man can have his particular way of showing interest in you, it is true that there are certain expressions and attitudes that can usually reveal whether you really like him or not. 

Always looking for a place to be with you

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A sign that this guy wants something more serious with you is that he always tries to spend more time with you. This is noticeable when, for example, you have many more appointments a week than at the beginning of meeting you, which shows that your interest in you has also increased . On the other hand, if every time you have fewer appointments and many times it gives you some excuse not to see you, it is probably because you were simply a hobby and it is already getting bored of you.

In addition to wanting to spend much more time with you, another sign that he wants something serious with you is when his plans are increasingly elaborate and fun . This does not mean that you always have to be thinking about extraordinary dates, but it is true that you will occasionally try to have more special moments with you.

You are within your priorities

Another sign that a man wants something more serious with you is when he includes you within his priorities. This is noticeable when you can meet your friends or have other plans that are very interesting and still choose to do something with you , unless you have to go to any of the other appointments by commitment or because it really is something very important.

However, if you have noticed that this guy only has appointments with you when he has not come up with any plan or has nothing better to do, that is, that he considers you as his “emergency plan” it is because at least for the moment, he does not have No interest in starting a serious relationship with you.

Calls you or writes every day

Does the guy you like write you text messages and / or call you every day? If so, surely it is because he likes you and very much. When a boy wants to know how you are or know something about you on a daily basis, or at least most days of the week, it means he misses you and can’t resist talking to you. If you don’t think about it yourself: who would waste time calling you every day if you really don’t like it enough to start something more serious?

On the contrary of this, if during the whole week he only talks to you to stay or you have to always be calling him or writing to know that he is alive, we recommend that you not continue seeing you with that man, since he does not feel anything strong for you.

He is interested in knowing more about youcouple

When you really like someone or you start to feel something deeper for this person, it is quite normal for you to have the need to know more about her. Therefore, a sign that a man is thinking about having a more serious relationship with you is when he is interested in every detail of your life : he asks you about your past, your aspirations, your way of thinking and even your views even of A movie or a book. That is, he likes to listen to you and always tries to pay attention to all the stories you tell him.

How to know if a man wants a serious relationship – other signs

In addition to what we have explained in the previous sections, you can also notice that a man wants a serious relationship with you in the following cases:

  • You go to public places together : generally, when a boy takes you to a place where he knows he can meet a family member or acquaintance, it is because he already has enough confidence with you and does not care that they see how happy he is by your side.
  • He already introduced you to his circle of friendships : this does not mean that because you spend more time alone than with friends, you don’t want anything serious. But it is always positive that I propose to introduce you to your dearest friends.
  • It includes you in his future : this does not mean that he is already thinking about marrying you, but it is giving you signs that he wants something more serious when he includes you in future plans such as a summer vacation or a concert he will go to in a few months .

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