12 Signs She’s Into You But Afraid


Are you in a dilemma of whether she is interested in you or not? Your gut is telling you that she likes you, but you want to be sure before conveying your feelings to her. Maybe she is afraid to convey her feelings right away or just want you to make the first move.Here are few signs to look for to know whether she’s into you.


1. Asks many personal questions. She will want to know as much as possible about you. To measure whether you really agree or not, it will take a long time to question your musical tastes, food, hobbies, etc.

2. She touches you a lot. It’s quite simple if we think about it for a moment. She would not put a single finger on a boy she does not like. Usually, it makes subtle movements like gently pushing you or just touching you often while taking to you.

3. Checks your activity on Facebook or other social networks. You probably notice it when she tells you something you posted or a piece of information that describes you. Comment on photos you posted a long time ago. That means that she is taking the time to investigate a little more about your tastes. Interest makes us curious!

4. Spends time with you even if you are not physically together. An indisputable signal is that she sends a message commenting something, hoping that you continue with a conversation.

5. Every time something significant happens in her life, you are the first one she calls: For some reason, instead of telling her other friends or even her boyfriend she decides to tell you. Curious, is not it?

6. Doesn’t Stop Laughing. The smile and the way a woman laugh can be the most visible signs that she is interested in you. If she laughs at each of your jokes, even those that are not too funny, she may be attracted to you.

7. She gazes at you. If she fixes her gaze on you, then it is clear sign that she likes you and inviting you to know the level of attraction between the two, so go with the flow.

8. She wants you to spend more time with her. She often talks to you and even interrupts your conversations with other girls. She wants you to spend more time with her than your other friends.

9. Plays with her hair. A woman’s hair is her favorite weapon of seduction so if what you want to know is if she is interested in you as something more than a friend, look carefully if she plays a lot with her hair when she talks to you.

10. Gets close to talk with you. Another clear sign to know if a woman likes you may be the small proximity you choose to talk to you. Unconsciously, a girl who is attracted to you will shorten the distances of your conversation as you increase the complicity between you as she feels comfortable with you.

11. Blushes frequently. If she blushes especially in front of you, its because she is trying to hide her high emotions for you and she is into you.

12. Keep eye contact with you. Usually, women do not do this with everyone. But if she is interested in you, you will notice how she continually looks into your eyes every time she speaks to you.

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