Signs of Vertigo, Types & Simple Tips To Deal With It


Woman with vertigoVertigo is called the feeling that some people have to feel movement or turns, which are often described as dizziness. However, it is not the same to have vertigo as to experience a brief dizziness. People with vertigo feel as if they are really spinning or moving, or as if everything around them is spinning. Which puts your overall health at risk.

Types of vertigo:

There are two types of vertigo:

Peripheral: It is due to a problem on the part of the inner ear that controls the balance. This can be caused by ingesting certain medications, having suffered an injury (such as a head injury), presenting an inflammation or pressure in the vestibular nerve.

Central: It is due to a problem in the brain. This type can be caused by some vascular disease, the consumption of certain drugs with alcohol, suffer from a migraine or multiple sclerosis, have seizures, have suffered a stroke, or have a tumor (cancerous or not).

The main symptom of this condition is the feeling that ourselves or the room is moving or spinning. This sensation can even cause nausea and vomiting.

Other Vertigo Signs & Symptoms may include: –

  • Problems to focus the eyes
  • Hearing loss in one ear
  • Loss of balance (may cause falls)
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Difficult to pass food
  • Double vision
  • Problems with the movements of the eyes

Lightness of the extremities Vertigo should be diagnosed and treated medically .

5 Tips To Reduce Vertigo

To prevent the worsening of your symptoms , during a vertigo episode you can follow the following recommendations :

1. Stand still. Sit or lie down when symptoms occur.

2. Resume activities gradually.

3. Avoid sudden changes of position.

4. Do not try to read when the symptoms occur.

5. Avoid bright lights.

It should be noted that during an episode of vertigo, affected people may need help walking. Where possible, avoid risky activities, such as driving, operating heavy machinery and climbing, until a week after the symptoms have disappeared.

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