7 Simple Things To Do Each Day for Health & Happiness


“Taking care of the body and not taking care of the mind, for example, is like using a short sheet: you cover it here and find out there. It is essential to visit the doctor regularly to prevent and identify some diseases as soon as possible”.

Also, when we mention health care, we cannot leave happiness, harmony of the day and happiness. There must be mental, physical and organic balance.women waking up

1. Play chess

When playing chess, you exercise both sides of your brain, making it more active and healthy. But that’s not all: it helps with concentration, develops creativity, self-confidence and even trains the person to act calmly under pressure.

2. Dance

Zumba, jazz, contemporary dance, ballet, frevo, your creation. It doesn’t matter the type of dance, what counts is moving the skeleton. If whoever sings his evils scares, whoever dances activates healthy triggers both in the body and in the mind.

“The cardiorespiratory function, flexibility, aerobic conditioning and relaxation with the release of pleasure hormones are some of the benefits that dance can provide. In addition, it is a democratic physical activity, since there is no age restriction”, he comments Dr. Felipe Ribeiro, medical manager of the CHN.

3. Let go of what is bad

Have you ever heard of somatization? The accumulation of emotional problems directly impact not only the mind but also the body. So, take that weight off your back leaving behind people, situations and feelings that echo in the present.

4. Think outside the box

Coming from “thinking outside the box”, the expression “thinking outside the box” is a stimulus to creativity and daring. Print these characteristics on small and big things to renew your mind and life.

It is worth starting that project that was just a dream, undertaking, getting rid of a toxic relationship, innovating at work or looking for one that gives more satisfaction, putting aside limiting beliefs, following a different path than usual to reach your daily destination or see things from a different perspective.

5. Distract the mind

Sometimes a small conversation can contain important information. It’s okay to pull that “it’s going to rain today, right?” with someone else in the elevator, but try to vary the subject. You can find out, for example, that this person, who lives in your building, makes warm fits by order, which was what was missing for you to eat healthier during the week. Or it could be that a light and nice chat flow that will brighten your day.

6. Be supportive

Empathy should be a commitment. Practicing solidarity, either to help, or to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. There are studies that associate the practice of solidarity with the release of endorphins, a substance responsible for the feeling of well-being. The recipient is not only happy with the attitude, but can reproduce kindness in a healthy stream of good.

7. Accept yourself

In times of empowerment, especially for women, self-acceptance must be debated and encouraged. Accepting one’s faults, physical characteristics and limitations is a strenuous exercise, but necessary for mental and physical health. Forget the crazy diets that attack your body, live peacefully with your defects, don’t compare yourself with “perfect” people on social media. This brings freedom, happiness and self-esteem, that is, it brings health.

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