7 Simple Tips To Take Care of Your Eyes


Sometimes you do not give them the importance they deserve. The sense of sight is essential for you to do all the activities of your daily life, but surely you have not asked yourself what to do to protect them more and prevent them from getting damaged, so we give you some advice on how to take care of your eyesight.eye-care-tips

To have healthy eyes,you need to maintain them and be very careful in how you treat them, do not rub them with force, make sure they do not dry out and do not put strange objects in them. Here are some tips to take care of your eyes.

Wear sunglasses

It’s time to invest in good quality glasses, it’s not just about fashion, it’s about looking after your eyes. get some that are polarized, because they block the rays and their reflections.

Get an eye test every 6 months

Visiting the optometrist every 6 months is recommended, but if you can not at least do it once a year. Even if you have not detected any problem with your eyes or do not use them. Experts say that experts should go to review every three years.

Use less screens

These days it is very common that we are using technological devices, tablets and smartphones. The eyes resent when we abuse these technological devices. Avoid using them in the dark, because that generates problems in the graduation and you give more fatigue to the eyes. When seeing the screens in dark places the retina to the center activates to perceive the light, but the other part of the eye, the periphery of the retina, activates with the dark. In this way the pupil dilates and more light enters than we need.Wrinkles under eyes

Hydrate your eyes

They need to be moist, if you suffer from dry eyes always bring drops (prescribed by your ophthalmologist) to keep them moist.

Avoid walking in the dark

Believe it or not, there are many specialists who say that this is how they damage their eyes. If you walk in the dark it is preferable to close them, sleep or use a flashlight.

Sleep well and eat correctly

The eyes get tired, so you need to always have a good rest, avoid your eyes are open for many hours. Also eat foods that take care of your sight like blueberries, carrots or broccoli.

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