10 Simple Ways To Eat 500 Calories Less


weight-gainTrying to get rid of excess weight, many of us make the mistake of abruptly giving up the usual food and reducing the usual consumption of food by half.

Instead of the expected results, such an approach only aggravates the situation and provokes disruptions to even more food. Sharp reduction of calories the body perceives as a threat, and not as an essential measure for losing weight.

If you reduce the calorie content of food gradually, the body will get used to it, and losing weight will be less difficult and more effective.

Portal Prevention has published several ways to reduce the daily ration of 500 calories, without doing anything complicated.

Turn the sandwich into a salad. Just eat a salad instead of a sandwich, exclude bread.
Instead of latte, drink plain coffee without milk. The calorie content of the milk latte, even without sugar, is 220 calories, and the calorific value of black coffee is only 2 calories.
Chew food more slowly. If you try to chew each piece of food twice as long as usual, you will notice that the feeling of satiety comes faster. Studies show that slow chewing allows you to cut your food intake by 100-200 calories per meal.

Quench your thirst with water and lemon. Refuse to soda, replacing it with plain pure water with lemon.

Be more active. A Mayo Clinic study showed that people who try to be more dynamic during the day are burned 350 calories more than their diligent colleagues.
Instead of ribs, order the fillet. If you like to visit meat restaurants, try to order fillets instead of fatty and high-calorie ribs.

Sleep 7-8 hours a day. Healthy and strong sleep helps to burn calories better. Studies show that lack of sleep not only slows down metabolism, but also increases cravings for sweets.
Eat in front of the mirror. A study published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research showed that when people ate in front of a mirror, they subconsciously chose healthier eating options and consumed an average of 400 calories less than usual.

Replace the meat with mushrooms. One study showed that people who ate instead of red meat a portion of mushrooms, felt as well fed, but consumed an average of 444 calories less than those who chose meat.

Eat fruit before the main meal. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania found that if you eat a piece of fruit 15 minutes before eating, you can consume 200 calories less at a meal. If you eat three times a day, then reduce the diet by 600 calories.

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