3 Simple Ways To Quickly Improve Mood and Relieve Stress


relaxing-tipsAre you obsessed with obsessions, are you stressed, angry or irritated? These quick and straightforward meditative techniques will help restore inner harmony.

Even if are among those who have never meditated in life, these simple exercises will be obtained from you the first time. Try it – they really work.

Exercise 1

This practice will help when you are sad, irritated or negative. It will take up to 1 minute of your time. So, let’s begin.

Close your eyes. Think about three people or things that you can say “thank you” today. Perhaps it’s some kind of trifle, like the warm rain that gave you pleasure, or the saleswoman’s smile in the store. Perhaps, something more significant, for example, a positive solution to your problem.

Open your eyes. All! The mood has already improved.

Exercise 2

Use it when you are obsessed with obsessive soaps about situations that you can not let go of. This exercise will take you up to 3 minutes.

Close your eyes and think about what’s bothering you. Imagine if you see this situation on the computer screen. Now imagine that you are using the mouse to move the cursor over this picture. Drag the picture with the cursor to the “Trash” folder. Now mentally click the right mouse button and select the “Empty Trash” command.

Imagine that the screen after this operation has become pure and white, try to breathe evenly and deeply. If before your inner eye again pops up the picture of the situation that has tortured you, repeat the operation to remove it to the trash.

Exercise 3

This exercise will take up to 3 minutes of your time. Do it when you are upset, stressed, loaded with work that you do not like.

Close your eyes and focus on the situation in which you are now. You can even mentally say it: “I’m sitting in line for the dentist, I’m annoyed that I’ve been stuck here for a long time, I hate wasting time.” I’m unhappy. ”

Try to feel every inch of your body, starting with the heels. Gradually rise higher and higher: to the knees, hips, stomach, chest and so on.

Concentrate on breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Then begin to inhale into four accounts, hold your breath for four counts, and exhale also into four accounts. Repeat this process until you feel that you have finally calmed down.

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