10 Skills Needed To Get A Better Job In the 21st Century


In the modern world of a potential employer it’s hard to surprise with a red diploma or knowledge of computer programs. In the era of high technology and automation of the usual processes, efforts must be made to remain in demand by a specialist. It is necessary to be not only confident in yourself, but also be able to analyze, have leadership qualities and know how to solve the conflict.man cartoon idea

We figured out what skills one must have in order to easily find a job and become an effective worker in our time.

1. Communication skills

Practically in any field of activity much depends on interaction with people. Ability to start a dialogue, to locate one’s interlocutor, to maintain a conversation and listen attentively is one of the most important skills in the 21st century. In addition, you should learn to analyze the conversation and as accurately as possible to convey the necessary information in writing.

2. Self-confidence

Many people think that self-confidence is an inborn trait, but it can be developed in oneself. Confidence in their abilities helps to analyze the situation, assess conditions and opportunities and achieve the goal. To successfully build a career, you must believe in yourself.

For the first successful steps in developing confidence, you can read the book “Confidence in yourself. A book to work on yourself “, Alice Muir, 2015.
Or follow simple instructions to recharge the motivation for further achievements.

3. Creativity

Employers in the 21st century are interested in creative people who are ready to generate ideas and look for an unconventional approach to the task. Therefore, the ideal employee should be prepared to make creative decisions. Do not confuse creativity with originality: creative thinking has meaning, and not just dissimilarity.

To start thinking differently, like everyone else, you can read Michael Mikalko’s book “Rice Assault and 21 other ways to think outside the box”, 2015.
To develop creative abilities will help the manuscript of Austin Cleon “Steal like an artist. 10 lessons of creative expression “, 2018.

4. Leadership Skills

Even if you do not strive to become the head of the company, to manage at least two employees is one of the most important qualities of our century. Leadership is the ability to take responsibility, make decisions, defend one’s point of view, be reliable. And since these qualities are not found at all, their owners are particularly appreciated.

How to become a leader, the public figure Irina Khakamada will explain.
For fans of reading the book “How to achieve success and become a leader” by Valentin Badrak is suitable.

5. Flexibility and adaptability

A good specialist should quickly respond to new information and adjust to changing circumstances. It is important to know how to switch from one case to another, rather than perform them simultaneously and poorly. Therefore, adaptation is important not only for evolution, but also for a successful career.

How to learn how to adapt and adapt to new conditions, tells the book Sharon Melnik “Stress-resistance. How to stay calm and efficient in all situations », 2015
Or, take a look at Jasper Reid’s lecture on the importance of adapting to a successful career.

6. Ability to resolve conflicts

Problems and conflicts arise at work almost every minute, so one of the important skills is to easily resolve such situations. The key lies in the ability to manifest empathy, but at the same time calculate the consequences of their actions and understand what is important for the case.

Stewart Levin’s book “Conflict resolution will help develop conflict resolution skills.” From conflict to cooperation “, 2008.
Methods for solving problem situations are described in the book by Gini Graham Scott “The Power of the Mind. Ways to resolve conflicts “, 1994.

7. Analytical and research skills

The specialist of the XXI century should be able to adequately assess the situation and identify several ways to solve the problem. Now the ability to quickly analyze a large amount of information is valued, making the right conclusions and predictions. Thanks to this you can become more organized. It is also important to have speed reading skills.

Develop analytical skills can help Adam Wilson’s thoughts in the book “How to develop intelligence. Psychology of the clever man “, 2013.
A good self-instruction manual for the development of thinking skills – the book of Edward de Bono “Teach yourself to think: self-instruction in the development of thinking”, 1995.

8. Be motivated

The ideal employee has eyes burning and there is a desire to grow and develop. Motivation causes a person to move forward, and what is done with passion, is done at times better. The employer is well aware of these laws, therefore he is looking for an expert interested in the work.

To find motivation and learn to dream can help the book of Barbara Cher “Dreaming is not harmful. How to get what you really want “, 2016.
It is available about the psychology of self-motivation Professor Scott Geller.

9. Positive Thinking

This is such a type of thinking, in which a person sees mainly dignity during the solution of important tasks. A person who thinks positively does not ignore the negative, he calmly and constructively reacts to the situation, believing in the best. In difficult times, any employer will want to have in the team a positive-minded employee who does not run into a stressful state.

Professor Helen Peterson shares her research on positive thinking and its impact on life.
The writer and psychologist Andrew Matthews simply and with humor described the main steps on the way to an easy relation to life and positive.

10. Human qualities

To be a successful person, one must possess all the inherent qualities: be polite, like people, respect corporate ethics. Of course, we should not forget about punctuality. As you know, to come 5 minutes early means to arrive on time. To arrive on time is to be late. Come on 5 minutes later it means you could not come at all. In this age this quality is very much appreciated.

Develop a punctuality and forget about delays will help Diane de Lonsor’s book “Easy way to stop being late”, 2013.

A dose of positive energy can be found in the “Book of Joy: How to be happy in a changing world”, the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abrams, 2017.

What other qualities and skills could you add to this list? Share your job search experience or employees.

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