How To Stay Calm and Confident : 8 Ways


The reality is full of obstacles through which we have to jump, and many of them we establish ourselves. As the increase in stress, do not forget that with the majority you can handle easily.relaxing-tips

1. Discover the magic of magnesium

Known as a “natural relaxing pill”, magnesium is needed for more than 600 metabolic functions, but in its deficiency is second only to vitamin D. According to studies, magnesium consumption has decreased over the past half-century, and tensions and anxiety in society have increased. This vitamin is needed by our body to suppress stress hormones, reduce inflammation, improve concentration and maintain a stable level of sugar. Therefore, be sure to get a daily intake of magnesium with food (300 mg for men, 270 mg for women). The best sources of magnesium are broad-leaved vegetables such as spinach, nuts, whole grain bread, fish, meat and brown rice. What could be better? Eating and getting rid of stress!

2. Take a napsleep

Everyone knows that we need eight hours of sleep to restore our strength, and to help him to get it can help during the day various holistic procedures combined with aromatherapy. The spa offers special relaxing treatments that affect the key points that cause sleep, along with head massage and breathing exercises.

3. Use the Power of plantsgirl with day makeup
Indoor plants not only purify the air in your home, but some of them are able to even lower blood pressure! Therefore put in a bedroom pot with aloe or easy-care ficus, which also destroys toxins. Whether we eat plants or decorate them with our house, they are a surprisingly effective way to purify our bodies and thoughts from negativity. Some even talk to them and get a lot of positive things!

4. Blast the bubble of your stress with chewing gum

And it’s not a joke! Chewing gum helps regulate breathing, which, in turn, helps reduce stress levels. A study conducted in 2008 showed that chewing gum not only prevents panic attacks but also improves response in difficult situations. Just never blow a bubble – it looks very ugly.

5. Break away from the screenrunning

Most of us are constantly in touch – it can be eight hours in front of a computer in the office or a continuous check of their smartphones throughout the day. Thus, our eyes and brains never turn off. According to a study conducted at the University of Gothenburg, this vicious circle causes severe stress and leads to loss of sleep and even depression in women. Therefore, regularly move away from computers, take breaks, switch to another type of activity – reading, walking. And, most importantly, turn off all your gadgets at least an hour before sleep so that your brain can relax.

6. Pamper yourself

When we do something pleasant for ourselves, our loved ones, then we relax and thereby get rid of stress. That’s why we should encourage ourselves for everything that we do not only at work but at home.

7. Do needlework

Nowadays, hobbies seem to be a relic of the past. However, it’s time to return them to our lives as an effective way to deal with stress! This will not let you vegetate in front of the TV. In addition, the concentration required in making jewelry or knitting will not allow you to worry about anything else. Monotonous, repetitive movements are part of a new fashion trend to focus on the present and set aside annoying negative thoughts. In this case, you also connect a new sweater!

8. Surround yourself with love

man-and-womanBeing surrounded by people who love us, whether relatives or friends, is one of the best ways to get rid of stress. People are social beings. We are striving for cohabitation and strong ties. And physical contact with the beloved releases hormones of happiness – that’s why it’s so nice to embrace at the end of a difficult day. It’s an amazing and free way to deal with stress, so start hugging right now!

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