6 Summer Safety Tips For Seniors


The heat in summer does not affect everyone equally and, is that there are people who are more vulnerable than others and their health is at greater risk, this is the case of children and the elderly . Therefore, in the days of high temperatures it is necessary to be attentive and carry out a series of precautions and cares that help us to combat the heat and guarantee their well-being and health at all times. In this article, we show you a list of recommendations on how to protect the elderly from the heat in summer .old man

Tips to follow:

1. When the heat arrives and the temperatures begin to be more pronounced, many older adults love to go out and spend much of their time outdoors while strolling and talking with acquaintances or friends. But it is important to avoid going out on the street in the hottest hours of heat, between 11 o’clock in the morning and 4 o’clock in the afternoon, as well as staying in the shade and not being exposed to the sun directly.
2. Before leaving home, it is important to protect the elderly in a correct way to prevent possible health problems. Something you can not forget is always apply a sunscreen with a high enough factor and repeat its application frequently on those parts of the body that are exposed to the sun.
3. Also, the use of appropriate clothing is essential to combat the feeling of warmth and stay cool. It is recommended that the elderly wear comfortable and light clothing in light colors that do not absorb heat, as well as open shoes that breathe and a hat that protects them from the sun.
4. Hydration is a fundamental point to take into account to protect the elderly from heat and prevent them from suffering from heatstroke . It is advisable to drink plenty of water and liquids without waiting to be thirsty, unless there is a medical prescription that prevents it. Avoid the consumption of caffeinated and sugary beverages and, especially when you go outside do not forget to bring a bottle of water.
5. At home, protection is equally important. Keep the blinds down at times of the day of intense heat to prevent the sun from entering directly and do not open the windows when the outside temperature is too high. Use appliances such as fans or air conditioning to cool the house and make the stay more pleasant.
6. Those elderly people who live alone or are dependent require a greater degree of attention. It will be strictly obligatory to monitor your health condition continuously throughout the day, either by relatives or by the relevant health services.


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