Testosterone Boosters : Pros and Cons


Bodybuilders engaged in “natural”, that is, without the use of steroid drugs, are constantly looking for safe ways to accelerate muscle growth. Naturally, such a request could not go unnoticed by the fitness industry. In the past few years, sports nutrition companies have launched a variety of testosterone boosters on the market. These supplements are positioned as amplifiers for the production of the main male hormone, which affects muscle growth. We suggest discussing the positive and negative properties of such stimulants.muscle-building


Testosterone boosters (stimulants) are dietary supplements taken by bodybuilders to accelerate muscle growth and increase strength. There are many types of boosters. In this article we will consider the most popular.

  • Tribulus When taking the supplement, the active biological substances of the tribulus (saponins) act on certain parts of the brain (hypothalamus and pituitary gland), which leads to the secretion of luteinizing hormone. The latter, in turn, directly affects the production of the hormone testosterone;
  • ZMA When taking the supplement, microelements enter the body, which are involved in many processes, including protein synthesis, regulation of fat metabolism, and the production of testosterone molecules. Thanks to this, the athlete experiences a mild anabolic effect that stimulates muscle growth;
  • DAA (d-aspartic acid) When taking the supplement, the hypothalamus and the pituitary are activated, which contributes to the production of luteinizing hormone, which stimulates the synthesis of testosterone. In addition, there is evidence that DAA enhances the secretion of growth hormone and thyroid hormones;
  • Ecdysterone This supplement does not directly affect the hormonal system. Its main plus is the anabolic effect, comparable to taking danabol (a steroid drug). Despite the fact that ecdysterone does not help produce its own testosterone, it is still referred to the group of boosters.


Quite often you can hear the opinion that all sports nutrition is chemistry and steroids. Such phrases, as a rule, are rushed by people who are far from sports, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In fact, most sports supplements are made from natural ingredients and testosterone boosters are no exception.

  • Tribulus . The additive is based on a perennial herbaceous plant tribulus terrestris (prickly vine). The composition of the capsules contains only the powder produced from this plant;
  • ZMA . The composition of the supplement includes only natural trace elements and vitamins – zinc, magnesium, vitamin B There are no chemical or steroid components in ZMA;
  • D-aspartic acid . This amino acid is isolated from protein compounds, then purified and dried to a powder. The latter is compressed into capsules or tablets;
  • Ecdysterone . The additive is based on the plant cyanotis vega (safflower levze). From the plant make an extract of phytoecdysterone. Then the substance is purified and adjusted to a powder state.


Tribulus and ecdysterone – made from plants. You can get them only as specialized additives. Moreover, if you do not have money for ecdysterone in the form of sports nutrition, you can purchase tincture of leuzea or levzea in capsules at any pharmacy. These preparations also contain phytoecdysterone, and they are much less expensive.

ZMA components can be obtained with a variety of nutrition. Zinc is found in meat products, oysters, nuts, wheat, seeds, eggs, and yeast. Magnesium can be found in buckwheat, oatmeal, nuts, seaweed, beans, peas, and millet. Vitamin B6 is found in excess in greens, bananas, meat, red fish, poultry, nuts, liver, cereals.

D-aspartic acid can also be obtained from simple foods. This amino acid is found in large quantities in poultry, sea fish, beef and veal, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, germinated rye grains, asparagus, soybeans, peanuts, coconut pulp, tropical fruit juices, parsley, basil, spirulina.


Supplements are mainly used in male bodybuilding. Boosters help build “dry” muscle mass, increase the athlete’s strength, and reduce the subcutaneous fat layer. Such drugs help to move the results from the “dead” point (“plateau” state), and also give a surge of vigor and reduce recovery time. In principle, boosters can be taken by all athletes who are faced with debilitating loads.

Testosterone boosters are often used by bodybuilders in post-cycle therapy. Having completed the course of taking steroid drugs, the athlete needs competent recovery. The fact is that during the course of production, the production of one’s own testosterone is greatly reduced. To return the secretion of this hormone to a normal level and boosters are applied. In addition, stimulants help protect muscle fibers from decay and reduce the effect of “rollback” after a course of steroids.

Test boosters are recommended for athletes aged 25-30 years and older. At this age, a natural decrease in endogenous testosterone begins. Young people under 25 years old are not recommended to take such supplements, as their own testosterone level is still quite high. Also, girls should not drink stimulants. In small doses, they are useless, in large doses they contribute to the masculinization of the female body (coarsening of the voice, aggressiveness, excessive hair growth).


In addition to building “dry” muscle mass, stimulants have many other useful properties:

  • Mood improvement;
  • Increasing motivation for training;
  • Normalization of an erection;
  • Decreased blood sugar
  • Replenishment of some important minerals and vitamins.

Note the listed beneficial properties declared by the manufacturers of additives. Perhaps some points are just marketing slogans. We do not guarantee that you will experience all the benefits of boosters. In addition, the effectiveness of this type of sports nutrition strongly depends on the following factors: age, physical activity, recovery, hormonal levels, diet.

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