The Most Effective Shakes To Rejuvenate Your Skin


Juices ChoiceSometimes you spend a bundle on cosmetics and you do not realize that rejuvenating your skin is in your hands. There are numerous recipes for effective shakes that will help you have smoother, healthier and healthier skin.

How to prepare healthy shakes

Our skin is becoming increasingly less elastic, more flaccid as time passes, but, we have to keep in mind, that this not only depends on the years, our food and lifestyle has much to say about the health of our skin.

We think that the treatments to take care of our skin have to be applied only on the same, but this is not completely true, sometimes simply carrying a healthy diet and ingesting the proper fluids and foods we can get a good result.

In fact, there are elderly people who are very well preserved and young people who have a very deteriorated skin.

In this article, we are going to see some of those smoothies that you can take and we will explain how to prepare them.

You will see how easy, how rich and what good results you get!

The four shakes we have selected for this article are beaten tomato, celery and parsley, carrot smoothie, milkshake kiwi and cucumber and strawberry milkshake and papaya. Let’s know its properties, the necessary ingredients and the way of preparation:

Tomato, celery and parsley smoothie

It is a smoothie that prevents wrinkles and premature aging. You need the following ingredients: 1 tablespoon liquid chlorophyll, a little-sprouted soy, 2 red tomatoes, 1 celery stick, a little parsley and a pinch of salt.

The way of preparation is very simple. You have to introduce all the ingredients in the blender and add water to make the smoothie easier. When you’ve beaten everything, you can add a few drops of lemon and season it with some sea salt. You can take this milkshake 3 times a week. The best time to take it is at noon.

Carrot Shake

Another food that helps to take great care of the skin is the carrot shake. It is rich in beta-carotene and facilitates tanning, as well as helping to prevent the appearance of wrinkles at an early age. There are many types of carrot shakes: you can mix them with another ingredient, such as apples, oranges, pineapples or spinach. The preparation process is the same: liquefy or beat and take very fresh.

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Cucumber and Kiwi smoothies

kiwi fruit benefits

Cucumbers are another food of great value when it comes to rejuvenating the skin. It is the most suitable for tired or aged skin, as it provides many nutrients and its high content in water helps to hydrate our skin tissue a lot.

There are many options for taking the cucumber in milkshake; one of them is the cucumber and kiwi smoothie.
We need 1 kiwi, about 250 grams of cucumbers, a few fresh mint leaves and 200 ml of apple juice. To prepare it, we just have to chop the fruit into pieces, wash and peel the cucumber and then wash and cut the mint leaves. We add all the ingredients to the blender, along with the apple juice, and we beat it well.

Milkshake of Strawberries and Papaya

Other fruits that will help you beautify and rejuvenate your skin are the shakes of strawberries and papaya. You need half a papaya, a bowl of strawberries and 1 natural yogurt. You should wash the strawberries and eliminate the stubble, extract the seeds from the papaya and peel it. Then chop the fruits and put them in the blender together with the yogurt.

When everything is well beaten, you will enjoy a revitalizing drink with many vitamins that will work wonders on your skin. Take it frequently during breakfast.

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