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Eyelashes are the tiniest little elements on your face that hold much power in your beauty. They have the capacity to transform your visage like no other part of the face. Mother Nature has been kinder to some of us and has equipped our eyes with a wonderful set of long, illustrious and full eyelashes. But those unlucky ones which are given spaWrinkles under eyesrse, short and brittle eyelashes, always seek ways to enhance the growth of their lashes and for this purpose, they try their hand at any remedy, natural or chemical.

In this article we intend to introduce various ways of boosting eyelashes, but first you must know more about your eyelashes. Every eyelash has a lifespan of 4 to 11 months and each single one of them is in a different stage in their growth. Eyelashes only grow for 4 to 10 weeks and then they stop. It is natural for up to 4 eyelashes to fall daily but if it’s more than that or your lashes break easily, it means that your lashes are in not-so-ideal a state. To have healthy eyelashes you must have a healthy lifestyle at first, but besides that, there are, oils, ointments and other methods to make your lashes grow thicker and longer.

  • Comb your lashes

Combing your eyelashes with special brushes or old mascara brushes that have been cleansed from mascara can be the first step for you, since combing lashes can improve blood flow in the root of your hair follicles and stimulate growth.

  • Use olive, castor or coconut oils

These oils function as an essential moisturizer and softener for your lashes and they contain fatty acids that provide a proper nutrition to the follicles that are needed for healthy lashes. One drop of oil applied by a clean brush or tip of your fingers is all that’s needed. Moreover, virgin coconut oil is safe to apply around the eyes and prevents hair from protein loss. Although castor oil have sometimes been reported to not have any result, but it is worth a shot. Castor oil makes the lashes moist and hydrate them the leading them to look lustrous and eye-catching.

  • Use vitamin E oil

Vitamin E has long been hailed as a vital stimulant for eyelash growth and bloggers and users claim that this vitamin caused their lashes to be fuller and thicker by moisturizing.

  • Apply green tea

Along with its many benefits, due to its high antioxidants level, green tea encourages hair growth and thus is used in many cosmetic products and in hair loss solutions. All you need to do is that the next time you made yourself a cup of green tea, don’t drink it and let it cool, then you should rinse a cotton pad in the green tea and gently apply it to your lashes two times each day for at least 4 weeks to see any results.

  • Massage

Massaging your eyes and the areas around them can stimulate growth if done repeatedly during a week. Use one of the aforementioned oils to apply on your eyelashes and massage them for 5 minutes. Continue and let the oil be absorbed by your skin.

  • Aloe vera

This magical plant has supernatural powers, one of which is strengthening and nourishing hair follicles. Applying Aloe Vera is as easy as pie. All you’ve got to do is to get your hands on some fresh Aloe Vera juice, best if you squeeze it yourself, and then put it on the base of your lashes. There’s no need to clean it soon afterwards, just leave it overnight for full absorption and then wash it off in the morning.

  • Use eyelash growth serums

In the recent years, cosmetic companies have released a nearly perfect solution for the short, fragile and thin lashes, and they claim to cure it all by consistent use of eyelash growth serums. There are many over-the-counter serums alongside those that are only sold by a prescription, but all in all, customers have reported satisfying results and maybe in some cases, due to the brand they used or inconsistency, the result wasn’t as good as they expected. When choosing an eyelash boosting serum, you must pay attention to its ingredients and check out their website or brochure for more information. Some of these serums lengthen the growth phase of your lashes while some of them are not even FDA-approved which puts the user at risk. Some side effects have been reported for using eyelash enhancing serums such as changing the color of irises, drooping eyelids, irritation and soreness and infection. So before choosing this method, be sure to consult your doctor or read the side effects completely. These eyelash growth serums can be, nevertheless, a perfect path to achieving the eyelashes of your dreams.

  • Use lash conditioner

Eyelash conditioning serums are very much like hair conditioners and they don’t cause hair growth but they prevent hair loss and moisturize the strands for a glossier look.

While these conditioning serums may not actually stimulate growth, they protect the natural new growth by keeping them moist.

Like eyelash growth serums, you must be mindful of their ingredients. Elements such as peptides, argan oil and hyaluronic acid which are also usually found in eyelash growth serums, hydrate the lashes properly and make them appear voluminous and denser.

It matters which method you choose for growing your eyelashes, but keep in mind that what is more important is being constant. Consistency is the key to achieving unbelievable outcomes. Choose your way and stick to it.

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