6 Tips For A Family Dinner in harmony


If you want your children to have better school performance, a better mood and healthy habits, feed them! Something as simple as a family dinner in harmony is the best strategy to keep parents and children together. Coexistence strengthens emotional bonds and brings many individual benefits.Family-dinner

Family sharing nourishes and restores the soul and spirit. In addition, children who grow up in a united family environment and build strong social relationships. With the following recommendations, you will have tools to avoid uncomfortable silences during dinner.

“It is estimated that 40 percent of children and adolescents who dine as a family get excellent grades and spend more time reading and doing homework, while those who eat less than three times a week with their family have double the risk of having low school grades ”

How to have a family dinner in Peace & harmony?

1. Create a plan for family Meals

To involve your partner and children in the family dynamics, plan the dinners you will prepare that week. You will save a lot of time because you will not have to think daily about what to cook.

Within that plan includes quick recipes that do not force you to lock yourself in the kitchen for a long time. Simplifying is the key to success.

2. Make the moment of cleaning an opportunity to share with the family

When everyone finishes having dinner, take advantage of the moment and assign tasks for each one. This way you will keep your house in order, you will share a little more time together and responsibilities will be established.

A family dinner in harmony builds strong family ties.

3.Share the best of your day

The moment of dinner with loved ones should be used to express the good things that happen. P tells each person what situations or experiences have made him happy during the day and also shares yours.

4. Talk about the things that worry you

As in the previous point, communicating what you feel helps you find answers and support. The family group should be the place where everyone has empathy, advice, and support.

Communicating the negative things that happened during the day will help you see them more clearly and get a different perspective.

5. Establish a spiritual connection

It is not about involving any belief. The dinner is an occasion to thank for what you have and value the opportunity to have loved ones.

6. Create a reading space

You can choose as a family a book or a story to read together. You can also create a reading club: each one chooses something to read and then share it during dinner. With this activity, you can stimulate the habit of reading and extract morals for life.

The family dinner is a moment of communication and dialogue.

10 fundamentals for a family dinner in harmony

  • Establish a regular schedule to start and finish family dinners.
  • Turn off the television, computer and mobile phone while you eat. Everyone in the family deserves respect and attention.
  • Make it a happy moment. Be interested to know how the day has gone for each one.
  • Explain the nutritional value of the foods you chose. In a subtle way, you will be cultivating the good habit of proper nutrition.
  • Make sure that at least once a day the family is together at lunchtime. You can change dinner at home for a picnic or go to a restaurant.
  • Try to make the preparation of the dinner also a family moment. Agree with your children and your partner what to eat and how to prepare it. Children feel important when they intervene in family decisions.
  • It allocates space in the house for the consumption of food. In this way, the routine will be better posed.
  • Plan a small game or a communication activity after dinner. Thus, in a fun way, you will have the opportunity to find out what is happening to them.
  • Take the time of dinner to teach your children the importance of good manners.
  • Write in a calendar the special dates and activities that allow you to share an additional moment with your family.

Give value to moments of family bonding and use them to build healthier habits. By sharing a family dinner in harmony whenever you can, you will significantly transform the relationship with the people you love.

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