10 Tips For Rebooting Your Life


Surely, everyone had a desire to restart their lives. It would seem that you have done everything to make life changed, play new colors, but nothing really changes.

But in fact, you just need to break the stereotypes, stop thinking in a pattern and change the established behavior.

We will show you 10 ways to change your life, not to repeat the mistakes of the past and become happy.relaxing-tips

Method of visualization

1. Visualize your goals
Visualization of desires is the first way to achieve your goal and desires. Present the goal in your image, and this goal should be clear, around which thoughts are constantly in the cycle. Spend some time imagining what you see yourself in a year, 5, 10 years. Imagine having achieved the desired position. Add to this the lifestyle, your surroundings, how you spend your free time. Do not imagine the picture, you must create a complete illusion of what is happening. When you have decided on the desire, take a comfortable pose (you can lie down), relax, close your eyes. It is best to do this after waking up or before going to bed. Simply put – dream, but dream properly.

2. Prioritize
Limit the number of goals. Too many goals and desires can prevent success. Write down the 5-6 goals that you want to achieve in the next 90 days. Why 5-6? Why 90 days? Because consciousness is not capable of coping effectively with excess information, and because about 90 days a person can be very focused on one important goal. Not in vain, almost all diets or training programs are designed for approximately 90 days.

3. Revise your values
To determine your values ​​- ask yourself the question, what is the most important in this period of your life? You will not be able to achieve your goal if your desire is not consistent with your values. If you decide to start life anew, it makes sense to reconsider your priorities. When you change your list of values ​​and deliberately work on it, you thereby change your behavior and, as a result, your results. Every time after you reach a serious goal, this is a good time to choose a new goal and update your list of values, make it more suitable for new achievements.

4. Learn
If your daily life seems boring to you, then it’s time to tap your brain cells. Studies show that attempts to learn something new slow the aging process of the brain. It is not necessary to enter the university. Determine your interest and sign up for courses, learn to knit or embroider, sign up for dancing. Challenge the routine. Researchers recommend including learning something new in their daily practice – treat this activity in much the same way as regular physical exercises.

5. Reboot the power supply

With nutrition, all the vital functions of the body are connected. Improper nutrition can cause significant harm to human health at any age. Try in your diet to reduce the intake of harmful foods: fast food, soda, fatty and fried foods. And better make your food meaningful. The practice of conscious nutrition helps to understand what you eat and what benefit it brings to your body. Studies show that this approach to nutrition significantly improves mood, reduces stress levels, helps develop healthy eating habits and even gets rid of excess weight.

6. Get Rid of Trash

To make something new in life, you must first get rid of the old. Clinging to things that are no longer useful in everyday life, you admit that you cherish your past. The old life is full of unfulfilled hopes and disappointments, so it’s best to stop storing these items. Get rid of everything that pulls you back into the past. By doing a clearing on the external level, we make possible internal changes, releasing a huge amount of energy for this.

Live the present

7. Let go of the past

The past is just a moment of time. You can not change it, but you can let it go and free yourself. Because of negative experience in the past, a person has errors, he thinks: “If I did not succeed in the past, then I will not succeed in the future.” “To be here and now is what is really important, there is no past or future, Time is a very deceptive thing.” Everything that will ever be is a real moment. “The past gave us a certain experience that we can not change. we can hope for the future, but we do not know if it exists at all. ” – George Harrison.

8. Be useful
A great way to reboot your life is to contribute to society. Studies have identified a link between voluntary care, increased self-esteem and physical health. Volunteering is a great way to help others and feel good. You can meet new interesting people, discover new unexpected aspects. There are many ways to help others: help people with disabilities, look after the children of working parents, help in public works. Contact any volunteer organization, now in any major city there are several such organizations.

9. Release the need to control everything
We always want to keep a “hand on the pulse.” The control is evolutionarily justified and protects us from negative, including really dangerous situations. But not everything requires our control and, moreover, not everything is subject to it. A lot of energy is spent on solving non-existent problems, worrying about trifles and trying to influence situations that are beyond your control. If you can not completely control a situation, then you are experiencing an internal tragedy. These experiences significantly reduce the quality of life, while you could channel energy into another direction.

10. Farewell to people and yourself

If you are determined to reboot your life, then you should release all personal grievances. To conceal grievances means to spend powerlessly. To be offended is to offend oneself. The author of your resentment is always you. The greatest folly that a person can do is to warm up, nourish and intensify the insult in his heart, winding himself up. A man who is proud of what he can not forgive, he destroys himself, unwittingly becoming the victim’s position. Forgiveness is not a sacrifice or a generous gesture towards a person who offended us. Forgiveness is the liberation of oneself.

Feeling guilty for past mistakes is also a burden. Nobody is perfect, everyone has something to regret. Strive to learn and analyze your past mistakes.

It is necessary to understand that we are made up of habits. Following certain habits, we form our own world, our nature. And in the end, as a magnet, we draw to ourselves some people, events and circumstances. Habits create and change our character. Change your habits and your life will change.

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