10 Tips for Going on Vacation with a Girlfriend


It is always good to go on a journey, and if it’s also with a girl, it’s generally wonderful. True, not so convenient. At a minimum, it is necessary to take into account its interests and opinion. And planning such a voyage, it is necessary to provide a couple of important nuances. That, having returned from holiday, you would like to continue communication.man and women

1. Find out preferences

If you prefer an active holiday, and she is convinced that vacation is the time of the chaise longue, there will be problems on vacation. Therefore, find out each other’s preferences in advance and find a compromise.

2. Not surprised at change
Be morally ready to see the pristine beauty of your girlfriend. And do not blink an eye, not finding on her face long eyelashes, thick eyebrows and delineated cheekbones.

3. Be patient
How much time does a girl spend on being in full parade? Much more than you think. Therefore, think in advance about what you will do during these long hours.

4. … and once again – patience
Tune in to the wholesale purchase of souvenirs for her friends and relatives. This can not be avoided. By the way, you sponsor the purchase. And you don’t just sponsor, but you take an active part in the choice, admiring how this silk scarf fits the color of her eyes.

5. Be the most romantic
You will have to strain and play the “most romantic couple” game – kissing in the sea, holding hands on excursions, looking at the stars in the evenings, etc. And just try not to indulge in romantic impulses often, publicly and naturally.

6. Act in a difficult situation
In any difficult situation, either you are a hero or you are all others. If you are a hero – act. In a difficult situation, the heroes act like this: they say, “Baby, wait for me here,” they leave the corner and return with a victory. In general, heroism will have to go it alone.

7. Do not let the camera out of your hands.

We’ll have to take pictures of her in different angles and in different places. Because if not you, then who? And learn in advance how to photograph the girls so that bags under the eyes were not visible, cellulite and other errors.

8. Demonstrate potential
Rest is a time when girls do not have a headache. At all. And if it hurts, the medicine is also one. We are about sex, which girls on vacation want with tripled force. In general, it is necessary to demonstrate its full potential in order not to offend it.

9. Learn to count to ten.

In an emergency situation, when emotions are going wild, and there will be more than one such situation, use the following life hacking from psychologists: start taking deep breaths and exhalations, counting to ten.


 Getting sufficient naps and relaxing time allows you to feel more energetic to explore more things together and enjoy life to the fullest.

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