10 Tips To Be Happy Every Day


girl jumpingSmall daily habits can contribute to a life full of meaning and happiness.
Feeling good should be our number one priority. Our performance in all areas of our life improves significantly when we’re feeling good.

Here are 10 tips to be happy every day, and enhance mood, health, attitude.

1. Meditate 15 to 30 minutes a day

Meditation makes our brain more relaxed and ready for new challenges. It calms your body, relxases tense muscles and facilitate better blood flow.

2. Have a goal for the day

What is the benefit you want to take out of today?

What quality do you want to improve, what do you expect to have learned after the day is over, what do you want to pass on to others?

Answer these questions before you start your day and be ready to put them into practice.

3. Do Exercises

Running, walking, yoga, gym, pilates. Do something. Invest at least 30 minutes of your day by renewing your energy in some physical activity.

Train your body to feel good and allow you to have a positive day.

Practice physical activities to increase your physical stamina.

4. Be Grateful

This must be the first thing you should do every day in the morning. Thank them for their gifts, their skills, their challenges, and especially for their health.

Be grateful to have woken up with a healthy body and a clear mind enough for your new journey.

At night, before bed, review all the things that have happened. Feed the muscle of gratitude and train your mind to focus on good things: you are alive, you have health, and you can get up to work every day.

5. Hear words of wisdom

Have lessons, music, and testimonials from people who inspire wisdom in your car, iPod, mobile, or computer.

At least for a few minutes, dedicate yourself to listening to passages of wisdom from teachers and people who can help us lead a better and more productive life.

6. Drink Green juice

Alkaline foods help increase our immune system, in addition to making us better humorous and willing all day.

Although it sounds like a bad thing, the green juice is tasty and tasty. Try this recipe: 3 leaves of spinach, lemon juice, pineapple and a slice of ginger. Surely you will enjoy the benefits of this little habit.

7. Sit in the sun for a few minutes

Sit in the sun to receive the energies. In addition to doing good to our body, this can help us rearrange some thoughts and ideas of everything that can get us out of focus throughout the day.

8. Create a journal

Create a diary about your dreams, wishes and the life you are creating. Think about the work of a journal writes how to turn the faucet on and let your mind speak.

Clear out all your thoughts, consciousness and desires to come out. Do not store anything. This is the cleansing process of your mind in which you put everything out.

Put out your ideas, and aspirations.

9. Play, sing and dance

This is the most proven way to change your mood and look good during the day.

In addition, it opens and frees the mind and the heart. Let the child inside you leave and have fun during the day.

10. Reach out

Tighten people. Be open to new friendships, exchanges of knowledge, and meeting new people.

Often this will help you to meet people and ideas that can make a big difference in our lives.

These tips will give you strength to start a new day
And be open to life, to new and uplifting things. Fill your day with positive routines and good habits, and you will make of your life a beautiful journey of happiness.

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